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Poll Results: What Nintendo Character Would You Be?

Poll Results: What Nintendo Character Would You Be?

by Steve CullumNovember 9, 2011

This past month, we have been asking, in our poll, what Nintendo character you would be. After nearly 800 responses (783 to be exact), we have the results.

It looks like Link was by far the most selected. I guess most people want to wield a sword, wear a green tunic, and save Zelda. Coming in second was Pikachu, which proves there are some of our readers that are ok living inside a small red and white ball. It all equals out if you are lovable and can zap people with lightning. Kirby comes in next, pointing to the desire for our readers to suck others in their mouths and steal their powers. Mario rounds out the top four, as being a super-hero plumber is still quite popular among gamers.

You can check out the full results posted here.

Be sure to vote on this month’s poll (posted in the sidebar). This month we are asking what first-party Nintendo game are you most excited about this holiday season.

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