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Mario Kart 7 – Review Round-up

Mario Kart 7 – Review Round-up

by Bradley DeLorenzoNovember 28, 2011



Games Radar (in-house) – 100
Mario Kart 7 is THE game the 3DS has been in dire need of. Sadly, it raises the bar so high for almost everything else, most 3DS games don’t even look like they belong on the same system.

3DJuego – 94
The “7” that Nintendo 3DS deserves, with a extreme replayable value and the most funny and crazy races. If you wanted a game that justifies your 3DS purchase, this is the one you were looking for. As Mario Kart DS, a timeless game that we would recommend until the end of the days.

Computer and Video Games – 94
As complete a racing game as you could hope to play. All that’s good about the previous Karts, distilled and mixed with a trillion ideas of its own. Excellent.

Mario Kart 7 is the best in the series so far, and it carries itself like it is too. Throughout, there is a sense of triumphant, exhilarating culmination that rings out loud like the doom-siren of an incoming red shell. It’s no longer enough for Mario Circuit to skirt round the edges of Peach’s castle – now, the drawbridge is lowered and the track leads directly onto the royal red carpet, leading you through the main hallway before spitting you out high above the Mushroom Kingdom. Conversely Bowser’s Castle opens its portcullis outwards, so you can screech around the hideous smelting factory that passes for a moat in the King Koopa’s neighborhood.

Official Nintendo Magazine – 93
Mario Kart 7 is more than a video game with sky-high production values, a finely tuned gameplay engine and superior track design. It is the platform upon which Nintendo’s flagship racer will be enjoyed for the foreseeable future.

And it’s never been better. Miyamoto himself has suggested that the Mario Kart formula is so beautifully executed that this seventh game needn’t be a huge reinvention. And it isn’t.

Cynics might say that the sensible additions like Kart customization, glider sections and enhanced online options mingle with just as many less successful extras (The underwater sections and the first person view can’t really be considered series high points) to make this a little too familiar. We’d beg to differ.

This is no re-hash, more an exhilarating re-affirmation of what makes this series great. The beautifully intuitive racing and sense of fun infused into every pixel and polygon of Mario Kart 7’s 32 tracks is pure Nintendo magic, and it’s a game that will resonate across all gaming generations.

It’s not just craggy old Mario Kart veterans like us who will find something to love here, it’s everyone. A best-ever entry to the series and the third must-own title to be released in as many weeks.

Vandal Online – 92
Impeccable gameplay that will be loved by fans, in a great new entry of the Mario Kart series. We only miss some more options and flexibility in the online modes, and more content for the single player mode. A must-have for Nintendo 3DS owners.

GamingXP – 90
After Super Mario 3D Land, Nintendo has another hardware seller in Mario Kart 7. While Super Mario 3D Land redefined 3D jump’n’runs, Mario Kart 7 sets also new standards for fun and arcade racers. Mario Kart 7 offers the deepest multiplayer experience in the franchise, but that’s not all. It’s the cool mix of good old features and fresh gameplay elements, which makes the game so cool.

Cheat Code Central – 90
With a good amount of unlockable content and plenty of multiplayer options, this is a biggest and deepest Mario Kart experience yet.

Nintendo Power – 90
Mario Kart 7 certainly delivers on that [novelty] front with some excellent track design, the solid controls that we’ve come to expect from the series, and some worthwhile additions (like added items and the ability to fly.)

Edge Magazine – 90
Nintendo has clearly been experimenting with how to better exploit its system’s obvious potential, and its solution is a natural, graceful implementation of 3D that complements and even improves its games, rather than feeling tacked on.

Joystiq – 90
An exquisitely polished game with few flaws.

IGN – 90
Though the character roster should have been larger, and a cheap blue shell can still screw up an otherwise perfect race, MK7 still offers enough innovation to keep this old formula feeling fresh. With memorable new tracks, well implemented gyro controls, the triumphant return of coins and a handful of new modes, Mario Kart 7 is full of win.

Nintendo Life – 90
No one does kart racing quite like Nintendo and this seventh release in the beloved series really shines with its masterful track selection and impressive online package.

Metro GameCentral – 90
Probably the best Mario Kart ever seen, with a careful balance of the new and familiar and the most complete online service ever from Nintendo.

XGN – 90
It seems that number seven is indeed a lucky number, because Mario Kart 7 is the best 3DS-game yet and the most successful Mario Kart-game in the series. Thanks to the superior additive of air gliders, which can be useful for navigating through the air, and of propellers to drive underwater, the levels are better than ever. We’ve got ourselves a new favorite Mario Kart!

GameTrailers (Video Above) – 88
Nintendo hasn’t recreated the wheel with Mario Kart 7, but the time spent in the garage has paid huge dividends. With a console-worthy list of modes and options, brand new gameplay paradigms, the best track roster in series history, and new customization depth to plumb, it certainly makes a case to be the best Mario Kart yet. It doesn’t turn kart racing on its end, but it finds a near-perfect medium of similarity and discovery as it walks the fine line of risk and reward without spinning out.

Meristation – 85
Though Mario Kart 7 invents nothing, the game works wonderfully today. 16 new tracks plus 16 remakes, many online matches and an idea that continues to operate successfully. 8 players, 3D effect, fun, and hang gliding.

NintendoWorldReport – 85
Mario Kart 7 isn’t a huge leap forward for the series. Instead, it’s another damn fine iteration in a proven series.

Game Informer – 85
Mario Kart 7 isn’t 100 percent golden, nor is it going to make believers out of anyone who wrote off the series years ago. Taken on the whole, though, this is one of the best entries in the series. As a fan, I’m thoroughly pleased.

games(TM)Dec 2, 2011 80 It’s frustrating, rewarding, addictive and entertaining in almost equal measure, and as much as you’ll rant and moan when your lead is snatched away on the last corner, you’ll keep going back for more. To call it the best original game on 3DS might be overstretching the meaning of the word ‘original’ but, all the same, this is something that no 3DS owner should be without. – 80
Mario Kart 7 is the same incredibly funny Mario Kart. The balance between driving ability and item usage is not perfect, but the formula still works.

GameSpot – 80
Mario Kart 7 features the best racing yet in the franchise, though it takes a step back in other areas.

Wired – 80
Yes, it feels pretty much exactly like 2005?s Mario Kart DS with better graphics. But it’s still too good to put down.

GamePro – 80
It is the quintessential Nintendo party game, and a recommended purchase if you happen to have a friend or two with a 3DS, which should be a bit more likely now that Black Friday is over.

Guardian – 80
If MK7 is so brilliant, though, where’s that fifth star? I’m withholding it because the best thing you can say about this is that while it improves on a near-perfect 64-bit game, it doesn’t make any major advances. The 3D is excellently done, but totally disposable (in fact, you probably will dispose of it before you get your first cup).

Gamekult – 80
(Translated from French) Mario Kart returns more honed than ever in Mario Kart 7, an episode certainly no surprise, but of rare effectiveness. Rather beautiful, a perfect fluid, happily returns to the title of old gameplay elements (parts, shell blue N64) while providing clever new items constantly to revive the interest of the parties. A one or two exceptions, the new races are especially tasty, and operate as much as possible in 3D, especially during the underwater passages or sequences in hang gliding. The online game without any latency guarantees him devilish games, despite an online infrastructure functional but hopelessly outdated. Fortunately, Mario Kart does not harm anyone with the options provided locally, including sharing of game mode only real faults: feelings of too little speed marked, even in 150cc, and a minimum risk-taking, while the game could offer so much more with such a history. But no room for regrets: once released, Mario Kart 7 is already an indispensable part of 3DS.

Eurogamer – 80
It’s robust, but it lacks some creative effort on Nintendo’s part. Newcomers will love it, while series stalwarts will find its novelties welcome, if largely inconsequential. But it’s nevertheless one of the stronger entries in the series, balancing the orthodox precision of the original with the playful silliness of the more recent iterations more successfully than ever.

Cubed3 – 70
Fans of the games don’t want an overhaul or drastic innovation but just an understanding that Mario Kart needs to shift forward with bolder moves rather than tentative baby steps. Nintendo need to be braver in their thinking and stop considering the franchise along straight lines.

1UPN – 67
This time, the changes are a scattering of smaller ones. Track layout tweaks, customization quirks, 3D effects, first-person karting, and a power-up that adds to the general level of kart chaos by letting one player unleash seven items. MK7 isn’t a kart game with a defining voice — it’s just a solid little kart game with a bunch of little tweaks.

Giant Bomb – 60
Despite the game’s slavish adherence to the Mario Kart formula, Mario Kart 7 has moments where it shines simply by executing that formula really well. Still, other than your personal history with Mario Kart, your enjoyment of Mario Kart 7 will likely hinge on your continued appreciation of that formula, and friends to enjoy it with, more than anything else.

Destructoid – 50
As derivative as a game can get, and while we pour scorn on so many other games for rehashing themselves, something tells me this will get a free pass from many critics and gamers. That strikes me as ironic since Mario Kart 7 is the one game I’d hold up as the least deserving of any kind of leniency. It being an unadventurous and predictable retread, however, is only half of Mario Kart 7’s problem. The other half is the fact that it’s a lethargic and mundane game, easily outpaced by games that could be considered knock-offs of the formula Nintendo itself perfected.

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