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Details on Upcoming 3DS System Update

Details on Upcoming 3DS System Update

by Steve CullumDecember 1, 2011

Thanks to the latest issue of Nintendo Power magazine, we have a list of all the additions and improvements coming with the December 8 (or earlier) Nintendo 3DS system update! It seems there is quite a bit more than just 3D video recording and Find Mii dungeons coming to the 3DS.

  • 3D Video, and 3D Stop Motion animation videos.
  • QR code functionality will be improved.
  • Transfer game files between Nintendo 3DS systems.
  • New puzzles and extra Find Mii Dungeon.
  • eShop will be expanded as well, you’ll soon have access to game demos (for both downloadable games and retail games).
  • You’ll be able to download software while your system is in Sleep Mode.
  • The eShop will also support Download Codes (which will be used primarily for special promotions) and will enable users to save payment information to their system if they so so desire.
  • The update will add a new application to your system’s Home Menu:”Nintendo Zone” active when you’re at a Nintendo 3DS hotspot location. Provides free access to exclusive content, streaming 3D videos (such as game trailers, tv ads) trivia games, and retail promotions.

It looks like Nintendo is finally making some big strides in the online gaming world. Hopefully, they will keep on improving things and adding extras along the way.

What part of this update excites you the most?

[Thanks to fellow NF writer, Hassan, for pointing this out in our forums!]

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