The (short) Story of Giana Sisters

I was very interested to learn of this recently. A clone of Super Mario Bros., The Great Giana Sisters was first released on Amiga and Commodore 64 in 1987. It has recently gained much attention in gaming forums. Nintendo quickly squashed publisher Rainbow Arts’ attempt to keep it on store shelves… That is until 2009, when DTP Entertainment and Spellbound Interactive created an overhauled and completely revamped version simply titled “Giana Sisters DS” in Europe. Recently, however, the game has been made available via in NTSC US format. Walmart, Target, etc. have also picked up the well received game. The game isn’t even listed on Nintendo’s official DS game listings. Check out the videos for some gameplay action of the original C64 version and the newer DS version:


DS Version


C64 Version'

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