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ONM – Mario Kart 7 Review

ONM – Mario Kart 7 Review

by Bradley DeLorenzoDecember 2, 2011

Mario Kart 7 – 3DS Launch Trailer


Official Nintendo Magazine – 96

Mario Kart 7 is more than a video game with sky-high production values, a finely tuned gameplay engine and superior track design. It is the platform upon which Nintendo’s flagship racer will be enjoyed for the foreseeable future.

And it’s never been better. Miyamoto himself has suggested that the Mario Kart formula is so beautifully executed that this seventh game needn’t be a huge reinvention. And it isn’t.

Cynics might say that the sensible additions like Kart customisation, glider sections and enhanced online options mingle with just as many less successful extras (The underwater sections and the first person view can’t really be considered series high points) to make this a little too familiar. We’d beg to differ.

This is no re-hash, more an exhilarating re-affirmation of what makes this series great. The beautifully intuitive racing and sense of fun infused into every pixel and polygon of Mario Kart 7’s 32 tracks is pure Nintendo magic, and it’s a game that will resonate across all gaming generations.

It’s not just craggy old Mario Kart veterans like us who will find something to love here, it’s everyone. A best-ever entry to the series and the third must-own title to be released in as many weeks.

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Also, stay tuned we here at NintendoFuse have recieved our review copy of Mario Kart 7 as well and will have tons of unique content, from Unlockables, cheats, tips, tricks, review, videos, and more. We’re big fans of the series and will cover this one at ad nauseum!

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