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Poll Results: Most Wanted 2011 First-Party “Holiday” Release

Poll Results: Most Wanted 2011 First-Party “Holiday” Release

by Steve CullumDecember 7, 2011

Over this past month, we have asked what first-party “holiday release” most excites you. What game are you most looking forward to? Out of the five titles, there was one that clearly rose to the top, with only one other coming close. After 352 votes, apparently, most of you are looking forward to Skyward Sword. Coming in second was Mario Kart 7. Super Mario 3D Land and Kirby trail behind, but not as far as Fortune Street, which only received two votes.

Now after all the games have been released, do you still feel the same? Would you have voted differently if you knew what you know now?

For this next month, we are asking what your favorite Zelda console game is to date. Is Skyward Sword the best, or is it one of the classics? Be sure to vote on the side-bar of the site.

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