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Fortune Street – Review Round-Up

Fortune Street – Review Round-Up

by Brad DeLorenzoDecember 9, 2011

Game Informer – 85
With the addition of both local and online multiplayer, Fortune Street is a much smarter, infinitely more playable title. If you’re a fan of board games, it deserves your support.

1UP – 83
Fortune Street excels as a social experience: The sort of things that fosters knock-down, drag-out competition over the course of long, grueling hours. Just the thing for the holidays, really.

Nintendo Life – 80
Offers some tremendous potential for fun. The experience is hampered somewhat by its complexity, but that’s nothing that can’t be overcome with a little bit of practice.

NintendoWorldReport – 80
Fortune Street is a deep board game experience that is great if you have people to play with, but it can overstay its welcome in single-player. If you have friends that love Monopoly, or if you want a deep and lasting experience for the Wii, Fortune Street is one of the best of its genre on the system.

Worth Playing – 75
Even fans of the genre will find the somewhat unfair single-player experience to be off-putting, despite the new boards and characters. For everyone else, it’ll be a solid rental as long as you go through the options and tailor each game to last about an hour.

Games Radar (in-house) – 70
Fortune Street is one of those games that isn’t going to appeal to everyone, but those it does appeal to will be totally enthralled with it despite its handful of annoyances. If you like Monopoly but wish the strategy were a little more robust, Fortune Street is game you’ve been waiting for.

IGN – 69
It’s a clever take on the Monopoly formula, and playing online offers a great option for people who can’t find a buddy to play with at home.

GameSpot – 60
Fortune Street is a decent strategy board game, but the slow pace siphons away much of the fun.

Digital Chumps – 50
Fortune Street is a good board game in terms of premise but as a videogame, it suffers in many areas that we would expect would be enhanced by being a virtual experience.

Joystiq – 50
The game-breakingly slow pace of a game that isn’t that exciting to start with took its toll. Fortune Street has no respect for players’ time, turning what should be a breezy pastime into a languid, dull experience.

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