Poll Results: What is your favorite (home console) Zelda game so far?

Over the past month, we have been asking you, “What is your favorite home console Zelda game so far?” After a staggering 2,423 votes, we have our results. There have been nine titles. Which one ended up on top, in your opinion?

Contrary to many reviewers and critics who say Skyward Sword might be better than Ocarina, you still think the N64 classic is the best overall with 779 votes (32%). However, the newest Zelda for Wii was close behind with 612 votes (25%). The rest all line up with gradual decline — Twilight Princess (11%), Wind Waker (10%), Majora’s Mask (9%), A Link to the Past (6%), The Legend of Zelda (3%), Four Swords Adventures (2%), and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (2%).

So, was this what you expected? Did your favorite end up where you wanted overall?

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  • http://twitter.com/gamer_greg Gamer Greg

    Definitely not.  I voted for Zelda 2, why is so low?  I haven’t fully played Skyward Sword to vote it yet.

    • Steve

      You and Jeremy are huge fans of Zelda 2 huh? I like it but I think the original is better.

  • Yujiro Hatori

    Wind Waker is too low, while Skyward Sword is too high.

    • http://twitter.com/gamer_greg Gamer Greg

      I feel it should be the other way around :).  Wind Waker is too high, Skyward Sword is too low.