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NintendoFuse GBA Ambassador Competition

NintendoFuse GBA Ambassador Competition

by Greg DabkeyJanuary 17, 2012


In case you don’t follow our forums, NintendoFuse is hosting a followup to the original Ambassador Competition that featured the NES games.  This new contest will feature the newly released GBA games!  This new contest will start next Tuesday January 24th.  Here is a direct link to the forum topic:

You could win the following prizes!

Welcome to part 2 of 2 of the NintendoFuse Ambassador Game Competition!

Not wanting to exclude the remaining Ambassador games, combining with the fact that NintendoFuse was pleased with the original competition, here is part 2! Previously, all 10 NES titles were in the first competition, part 2 will consist of all 10 GBA games! NintendoFuse is happy to host another competition for all you Ambassadors.

Since there are now 10 GBA games available for all of you Ambassadors, we have decided to follow the same format as the previous competition, 5 weeks of 2 games a week. Every Tuesday morning, we will inform you of which games are eligible for the competition that week. We have decided to change to a middle of the week deadline so that those busy over the weekends will still have a chance to submit scores.

Unfortunately we do not have the quantity of prizes that were offered during the first tournament, but we do have 3 brand new GRAND prizes to offer.

At the end of the contest, we, the staff here at NintendoFuse will select the 3 Grand Prize Winners. You can be eligible to win one of our GRAND prizes by simply playing the games each week and posting the best score*, or fastest time*!

*Best score/fastest times determined by qualifying participates within the competition.

To qualify, you must be within the top 3 ranking (First, Second, or Third place) at the end of the week for either or both games. All you have to do is simply play the games each week and post/submit scores all throughout the week. You can continually post updated scores, and only the best one will count per participant per game. So remember, if you see someone has a better score than you, get back on the game and go for higher! There are 2 requirements to be a participant within the NintendoFuse Ambassador Competition Part 2:

1. Register/Login to the NintendoFuse Forums
2. Post your best score, fastest time via picture or video in each week’s competition thread.

Submission Guidelines
-Entries must be in the form of either a video or a picture.
–All photo entries must clearly show your 3DS unit, the score/results screen, and we must be able to clearly see the score/time. Please make sure you include a slip of paper with your screen name on it in the photo. See below for a good example.
–All video entries must clearly show part of the 3DS unit, and at some point the requirements needed for the game.

Grand Prizes
The way this will work for the grand prizes is through a random drawing. In order to be entered into the drawing, you must place in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place each week of the contest. For whomever places in 1st place, you will receive 3 entries into our grand prize drawing. Second place receives 2 entries, and Third place receives 1 entry.

1st Place = 3 entries

2nd Place = 2 entries

3rd Place = 1 entry

The better you do, the greater your chances of winning a grand prize. Please note, 1 Grand Prize per person.

Disclaimer: NintendoFuse reserves the right to change the functionality of this competition at their discretion without any prior warning. Entering this competition means that you accept the terms and conditions of said competition.

Stay tuned for additional information. Check back on Tuesday January 24, 2012 to find out what games you will be competing in first!

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