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Nintendo Direct 2/22/12 Live-Blog [UPDATE: It’s over]

Nintendo Direct 2/22/12 Live-Blog [UPDATE: It’s over]

by Hassan AhmedFebruary 21, 2012

Nintendo fans, a new Nintendo Direct is upon us! The first Nintendo Direct in October from Iwata revealed new details on the 3DS system update, Mario Kart 7, and we got new footage and game announcements… followed by an English version done by Reggie. Then in December, Iwata did a second Nintendo Direct, this time revealing a ton of release dates, new details on Kid Icarus: Uprising, and some new game announcements (Kiki Trick for Wii among them)… however, nothing from Reggie. Now, we have confirmation that we will be getting our next Nintendo Direct on February 22nd, 2012… and just like the first one, both Iwata and Reggie will have a presentation.

First up is Iwata with the Nintendo Direct for Japan. This will take place at 6 AM eastern time and you can watch it here. Next up, the Iwata presentation will be streamed with English subtitles for those in Europe at 7 AM eastern time, and that will be shown here. And finally, Reggie shall conclude with his own Nintendo Direct at 9 AM eastern time right here. Here at NintendoFuse, I will be live-blogging the Nintendo Direct presentations… so if you’re unable to watch the streaming video or just want a nice recap of what happens, then bookmark this post!

Nintendo will be revealing Wii and 3DS related news, don’t expect anything about Wii U. However, the 3DS is breaking some sales records and there is no keynote from Iwata at GDC, so now is as good a time as any to give us information on how Nintendo will keep the 3DS sales momentum going. And maybe Nintendo of America will throw in a localization announcement for The Last Story or Pandora’s Tower if they’re nice. There has to be some good information… just look at how smug Reggie is in the photo above while he gets ready to record this presentation. I will continue to update this post with the latest once it hits, so come back on February 22nd at 6 AM eastern time for all the fun!


US Nintendo Direct Live-Blog:
– The final presentation of the day, this one from Reggie, shall begin shortly!
– Looks like it’s up early! Reggie recorded this at the Nintendo HQ in Redmond, WA.
– First Reggie will talk eShop, then details on Kid Icarus: Uprising, Mario Tennis Open, the announcement of the winner of the Xenoblade Chronicles box art contest, and a Wii title that “many of [us] have been clamoring for and never thought would arrive to the Americas”.
– Bill Trinen from Product Development at the Nintendo Treehouse is recapping eShop titles like Pushmo, Freakyforms, Mutant Mudds, Sakura Samurai, and Swapnote.
– Now Bill is gonna talk about Dillon’s Rolling Western.
– It’s a strategy/action. Using touch screen and Circle Pad to roll into enemies. Tower defense game, can upgrade towers.
– Available on the eShop right now!
– Bill now talking with Jon Yeckley, Associate Localization Producer for NOA, about Kid Icarus: Uprising.
– March 23rd is launch date, talking about how the game is packed with content.
– Control method uses Circle Pad, touch screen, and L button.
– Showing off gameplay footage while they talk.
– 9 different weapon types, like claws, cannons, blades, staffs, etc.
– Talking about the difficulty level adjustments and weapon fusion. StreetPass helps with weapon collecting and fusion.
– Showing off the 3DS stand it comes with.
– Talking about online multiplayer, free-for-all mode, a team mode called light vs. dark, etc.
– Pre-order the game at select retailers, get a download code for 3D Classics: Kid Icarus.
– Now Bill talks to Erik Peterson, the Localization Producer for NOA, about Mario Tennis Open.
– Releases May 20th (we get it first!), developed by Camelot.
– Can use touchscreen or buttons to do certain shots, for example… A, then B for Lob; A for Topspin; X for Simple Shot; B for Slice, and more.
– Can use the gyroscope to look around the court.
– Online with up to 4 friends in single or double play, or an online open match that puts you with others of similar skill level. Can earn victory medals, there are online leaderboards, player ratings, etc.
– Now for the Xenoblade Chronicles artwork winner. The winner is one with a group shot of them looking off a cliff, looks pretty cool to me.
– Xenoblade Chronicles releases April 6th on Wii. Reggie says Classic Controller Pro is best way to play this.
– The Last Story localization announcement for Wii, from X-Seed Games, coming this year.
– Reggie reminds us about new releases this month like Resident Evil Revelations, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Tekken 3D Prime Edition, and Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D.
– Also, Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir for 3DS on April 13th.
– Full length versions of game videos shown in this Nintendo Direct will be on Nintendo’s YouTube channel and, including a comprehensive overview of Kid Icarus: Uprising featuring Masahiro Sakurai himself.
– And that’s it. Not much new for the US, just some release dates, The Last Story localization, and Xenoblade Chronicles artwork.


Japan Nintendo Direct Live-Blog:
– It begins! Iwata is in the sound studio in the basement of Nintendo’s main office.
– Announcing that the Wii no Ma Channel is ending in Japan on April 30th. Starting March 3rd, a goodbye “Arigatou no Ma” service will be available.
– Kid Icarus: Uprising time… Masahiro Sakurai introduces the game.
– Showing the battle mode for Kid Icarus: Uprising, looks cool.
– Battle mode is 3 on 3 co-op/vs mode.
– You can collect three parts to form a weapon known as the “Genesis”, which fires a single powerful blast.
– Talking about how battle mode can be played online; Sakurai has played with people outside of Japan and said it was very smooth.
– Man, those menus look a lot like the one from Brawl. Now Sakurai discusses the single player part of the game. There is both air and ground-based fighting, as well as boss battles.
– Can adjust the difficulty… if you play on a higher difficulty, you can get better rewards. Dying will automatically drop the difficulty level.
– When you need it, you can use a special attack. You can arrange your abilities like Tetris pieces on a grid in the menu.
– You can combine items and trade “seeds” for making combinations of weapons with other players via StreetPass. The game will also have daily SpotPass downloads.
– Sakurai shows off the AR functionality. Game comes with 6 AR Cards, battles unfold randomly.
– The 3DS stand the game comes with is shown, it can fold as well for easy portability.
– Releases March 22nd in Japan
– Iwata mentions there will be an Iwata Asks posted on the game later today. Also, Nintendo has opened an official Twitter for the game: @3DS_Palutena
– Now showing a trailer for the new Fire Emblem Awakening, which releases April 19th for 4800 yen. Showed off the intro to the game and some gameplay.
– Iwata mentions DLC is available for Purikura and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
– Fire Emblem Awakening will have paid DLC. They’ll offer new maps and episodes as a set, but Iwata assures the game on its own has the full story.
– The first DLC will be free until May 31st.
– Nintendo will also release an original Fire Emblem pre-paid card.
– March 17: Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition for 5800 yen. Showing a trailer for this now.
– Now talking games in May and after
– Mario Tennis Open coming May 24th (looks like the GameFly listing was right!)
– Mario Tennis Open will have button controls and touch screen controls for things like lobs. Can also use the gyro. Has StreetPass support as well.
– It will have online play support as well. Also supports local and download play, four people can play off one cart.
– June 28th for 6800 yen – Fatal Frame: Crimson Butterfly Remake for Wii. Will have a new mode and two player support.
– June 28th for 4800 yen – Culdcept for 3DS. Local and online play. Support and help features for new players.
– Cultobit for 3DS – Soccer sim. The last entry in the series was 6 years ago. The 3DS game has network support. Coming in July.
– Now Iwata says it’s time to talk third party games.
– Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance from Square Enix is next. Showing footage while Iwata narrates. Can fly and kick in the air, do special moves with simple controls. Combos can be done. Play with pet characters.
– Game releases March 29th. eShop will have a 9 minute promo video after this broadcast.
– Rune Factory 4 in July for 5229 yen. Showing first ever trailer now.
– Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D this year. Showing gameplay footage. The game will have monsters from Joker, Joker 2 and Professional, as well as new stories.
– Next some downloadable eShop games.
– Iwata mentions Denpa Ningen RPG from Genius Sorority, released last week in Japan for 800 yen. Has AR functionality to capture characters with antennas using a net. Then take them on a dungeon quest; each have unique characteristics. Also a demo on the Japan eShop.
– Dillon’s Rolling Western is next, known as The Rolling Western in Japan. Releases today for 1000 yen.
– Mentioning Virtual Console now… Game Gear games coming to 3DS VC soon. Will have video later of the Game Center CX guy (some show in Japan) playing the 3DS VC games.
– Teaser for a crossover between Sega, Capcom and Bandai Namco! Bandai Namco is publishing this under Banpresto’s label. No details known yet.
– Etrian Odyssey IV coming July 5th from Atlus to 3DS.
– New title from Dr. Kawashima (Brain Age) in the works. Not a Brain Age sequel, but a step forward. The new training in the game will help with working memory and concentration, game was made specifically for these two areas.
– Showing footage of the game now. The training is very difficult, so it is called “Demon Training”, you become a demon. Not official name, but that’s what they refer to it as at the moment. Release date TBA.
– Monster Hunter Tri G getting three DLC challenge quests.
– Japan getting a Hatsune Miku demo today and videos for Kingdom Hearts 3D and Dragon Quest Monsters Terry’s Wonderland 3D.
– Iwata mentions the presentation was advertised via Swapnote.
– And it’s over! Now just gonna show a bunch of trailers and videos, I’m not going to live-blog this part as these videos will surely be online soon.

Note: the European presentation is the Japanese one dubbed and subtitled with only the parts that apply to them. Because it wasn’t really much new, I didn’t live-blog it. The important things revealed were that Kid Icarus: Uprising is coming to Europe on March 23rd, @KidIcarusUK is the Kid Icarus Twitter account for the UK, Euro Swapnote users should keep their eye on the Swapnote app for a Legend of Zelda treat soon, Fire Emblem is coming to Europe in 2012, Mario Tennis Open on May 25th, Dillon’s Rolling Western coming today to Europe, and Game Gear Virtual Console titles on 3DS coming mid-March. Mostly just release date news for Europe, everything else same from the Japanese event.

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