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REVIEW – Resident Evil: Revelations (3DS)

REVIEW – Resident Evil: Revelations (3DS)

by Greg DabkeyMarch 25, 2012

A Game Review by Greg Dabkey


Game – Resident Evil Revelations
Version – Nintendo 3DS
ESRB Rating: ‘M’ – Mature (18+)
Obtained – Review Copy Courtesy of Capcom

This was actually my first Resident Evil game. I did try out the demo prior to playing the full version, and it definitely had me interested. If you enjoy action/horror games, then this game will not disappoint. The story is very engaging and with a wide range of weapons to find, it provides a very fun experience. This game was enjoyable enough where I am interested to check out future titles in the series, and I hope those unsure of this series will give it a shot.

Gameplay & Controls

This is an action/horror game where the player explores their surroundings while encountering zombies, walking dead or infected creatures. The player controls different members of a crew through episodes while trying to put together the story. The player gets an insight of the back story to try to put the story together. The player explores different areas like a cave, a ship, the beach, and a plane crash site. Depending on the episode the player may be exploring parts of each of these areas in the same episode. The player needs to be able to solve some minor puzzles and figure out where they need to go.

Along the way, the player will encounter weapons, ammo, grenades, and many different types of zombies. There are hidden weapons, ammo, items for the player to find throughout the game. Another feature is that the player can upgrade the weapons via custom packs which allow the player to increase the bullet capacity, fire power, firing rate or critical hit rate. The player can only hold onto 3 weapons at a time, but can swap out the weapons and upgrades to other weapons when accessing the black crates. After each episode the player is graded based on their accuracy, number of deaths, and time taken to complete. The player is rewarded with in game currency which can be used within other game modes.

In addition to exploration, the game has a solid control structure making the game very enjoyable to play. While I did not use the Circle Pad Pro, the controls without it are still very solid. The player uses the circle pad for movement with each button serving a purpose. The player uses the R button along with Y to draw and fire their weapon or the scanner, Y by itself to interact with objects, pick up weapons. A uses a healing herb, X uses the sub-weapons, such as varying types of grenades, your knife or other sub-weapons. B is used along with the circle pad to dodge or quickly turn. R & B will reload your weapon, or using R and hitting down on the control pad.

These controls are the default controls, but can be changed to other types, and the controls will also be different if using the Circle Pad Pro. I thought that the controls worked well for this game. While there are many different controls to keep in mind, the game helps remind you and introduces them very well. The touch screen is also used to select the weapon, or to change to the scanner. The map is displayed on the touch screen, and all of the menus are accessed with the stylus. There are some instances where the player will need to mash the buttons to help escape from an enemy trap, or an enemy grip on the player.

Game modes

There are only a few main modes at the beginning and Raid mode becomes unlockable after completing some of the campaign. In addition to the campaign mode, is a mission/street pass mode. This provides the player with objectives to complete while playing the campaign to unlock costumes, weapons, or Raid Mode levels. The player can receive objectives via street pass which allows the player to interact with them in Raid mode. Raid Mode is the multiplayer portion of the game, which can be played solo, local wireless or online wireless. The objective is simple where the player(s) just need to reach the goal while defeating any zombies along the way. The game still grades the player on their accuracy, number of deaths and time taken.

There is a store in Raid mode where the player can spend the in game currency BP credits. The player is given them based on their performance on episodes in campaign and Raid mode. The store also provides some weapons and upgrades for the 3DS coins as well. The items can be purchased are different weapons, the custom upgrades, along with ammo pouches, herbs and other helpful items.


The visuals are very impressive with the 3D graphics really adding that depth to the levels. The game has numerous cut scenes, along with a reminder of the story whenever the player resumes campaign mode (don’t worry this can be skipped if needed). The graphics are simply stunning and provides an immersive environment left to the player to explore. The 3D effects make the cut scenes look more movie quality having that level of depth and making them more enjoyable to watch. This has been one of the few games I’ve had the desire to play with the 3D on.

The music is mostly silent, unless enemies are approaching nearby, or is used for dramatic effect. The sounds are what really improve the experience making it more immersive. The sound effects from the small things like opening a locker, to the gun shots, to zombies grabbing hold of the player really provide a good horror experience. The voice acting was also done well adding that personal touch to the game. I definitely preferred playing the game with headphones if I couldn’t play with the volume on so I could enjoy music and sounds the game has to offer.

9 out of 10

Overall, the game is very enjoyable. Some areas can get repetitive like walking back though previously explored areas and having to fight new zombies. Also, the underwater enemies are hard to dodge and become frustrating to kill or avoid. The game does have plenty of checkpoints so if you manage to get killed or need to quit abruptly, you can continue either at that point or a little further back. While game is fun to explore, the horror part wasn’t really there. There were some parts where zombies would pop out and make you want to jump back, but mostly was not really evident. I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys action games where you get to kill zombies with weapons and explosives. The story is quite deep and will keep the player wanting more while playing.


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  • Chalgyr
    March 26, 2012 at 3:21 pm

    Excellent review.  My son NEARLY pre-ordered this one but then changed his mind at the last minute because he could pick up 2 other games for the same price.  Now that he’s beaten both of those, I know he’s been eying this one again.

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