Wii U to cost around $300?

Jordan Velez


That’s right, folks. Will you be willing to shell out 300 dollars on release date for the Wii U? According to ForgetTheBox.net, the Wii U will only cost about $180 to make. Bare in mind that the Wii sold for $250 at launch, and was about $158 to make.

An unnamed source from ForgetTheBox who claims to be working very closely with this project says “The cameras in the Wii U controller are an estimated manufacturing cost of $6. They are slightly better quality than the 3DS and DSi cameras. The touch screen has a manufacturing cost estimated at $14.”

Does this sound good to you guys? Are you going to be picking this up on launch? I think 300 is the perfect price tag for this Wii successor, I’ll definitely be getting one. I’m also very excited to see what launch titles The Big N has planned to show off at this years E3! Stay tuned to NintendoFuse, we’ll have you covered with Wii U news. Wait, that kind of sounds wrong.


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  • Rick Karrer

    That’s an OK price, but I don’t think I’ll be in a hurry to buy one, especially considering what happened with the price of the 3DS, and how hard it was to get anything for the original Wii. I guess it all comes down to what games are offered. Launch games aren’t always the best either. We’ll see.

  • Junigamer

    Hm, I think I’ll most likely be willing to pay that much for a Wii-U. I mean, C’mon. It’s another snazzy Nintendo system of awesomeness.. If I’ll buy it at launch, Depends on when it does infact launch. But I think 300 is a fine price. ;3