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Nintendo Download – May 3, 2012

Nintendo Download – May 3, 2012

by Steve CullumMay 3, 2012

The number stays at three this week. That is three games with entirely different styles. First up is an action-adventure game in the same category as Bit.Trip Runner and Ivy the Kiwi. In Bird Mania 3D for the 3DS eShop, you will control Mojo as he tries to catch up with his flock. On DSiWare, you can get Amoebattle, a touch-based real-time strategy game in a microscopic world. The Wii Virtual Console gets more love as well, because the SEGA motorcycle racer, Super Hang-On, is now available.

As another reminder, if you haven’t done so yet, be sure to download the newest system update to the 3DS, which allows for folders on the home screen, patches in games, and a new look for the eShop. One game-patch that should be on the way soon is for Mario Kart 7.

Be sure to check out the price list and official press release below, and let us know if you download a game/app and what you think.

3DS eShop (3DS)

  • Bird Mania 3D ($1.99)

DSiWare (DSi/3DS)

  • Amoebattle ($4.99 / 500 Points)

Wii Virtual Console

  • Super Hang-On (900 Points)


[PR Email from Nintendo of America]

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