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Nintendo’s E3 3DS Announcements

Nintendo’s E3 3DS Announcements

by Greg DabkeyJune 5, 2012

Obviously it was mostly focused on Wii U, but they did have some 3DS news.

Special conference: TUNE IN TOMORROW NIGHT AT 6PM (PST) (9PM EST) for more news regarding upcoming 3DS games.

New Super Mario Brothers 2 launches on August 19th!  It focuses on gold as everything will be golden like koopas, coin collection, etc

Paper Mario Sticker Star is the official name for Paper Mario 3DS.  It is set to launch later this year (Holiday 2012).  It focuses on collecting stickers to advance throughout the game.

Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon is the official name for Luigi’s Mansion 2.  It is also set to launch holiday 2012.

Other upcoming games briefly discussed were:

Castlevania Lords of Shadow

Epic Mickey Power of Illusion

Scribblenauts Unlimited
Kingdom Hearts 3D Drop dream distance
Lego City undercover

Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon:

Paper Mario Sticker Star:

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