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Retro City Rampage Trailer E3 2012

Retro City Rampage Trailer E3 2012

by Jeremy HardinJune 5, 2012

Release Date: Summer 2012 Price: 1200 MSP, $14.99 Platforms: Xbox LIVE® Arcade, PlayStation 3 (PSN), PS Vita (Digital), WiiWare, PC/Steam/GOG ESRB: T (Blood, Crude Humor, Sexual Content, Use of Alcohol, Violence) PEGI: 12+ (violence) USK: 16+ FPB: 13+ (violence) GRB: 15+ (violence, drugs, and crime)
Developer: Vblank Entertainment Inc. (@VblankGames) Website: (@RetroCR) Publisher: D3Publisher Contact: Brian Provinciano (
Retro City Rampage is an 8-bit send-up to ’80s and ’90s video games and pop-culture. Mashing up the old and the new, it drops you into an open-world where you can jump on civilians for coins, then steal their car and outrun the law!
Retro City Rampage includes a full Story Mode of open-world adventure and an Arcade Mode for quick pick-up-and-play action.
It’s Multi-Award winning, IGF Nominated, a PAX 10 selection, and has already garnered much attention, being featured (by invitation) at over 15 events worldwide from E3 to PAX, Comic-Con and GDC, in over 25 magazines, in national newspapers and has appeared on TV over a half dozen times.
? Over 50 Story Missions
o Missions span every genre, from driving and shooting to stealth, rhythm, swimming, questing and more – all seamlessly taking place in the interactive open-world filled with shops, arcades and casino games.
? Over 40 Arcade Challenges
o Quick pick-up-and-play action with leaderboard competition and replay sharing.
? Official Crossover Bonus Games
o 8-bit Splosion Man, BIT.TRIP Runner, and “Virtual Meat Boy” – a retro 3D game using red & blue 3D glasses.
? Over 50 Vehicles to Drive and Equip
o How about a skateboard with a rocket launcher or a shopping cart with nitro?
? Over 25 Weapons and Power-ups
o From a bionic arm to a light gun, a boomerang to a “ghost busting” proton beam.
? Playable Characters and Cameos!
o Play as characters from other games (Minecraft, Meat Boy, Splosion Man, CommanderVideo), as legendary game developers, TV personalities and a surprise Hollywood actor.
o Customize your character with one of over 200 styles.
? 2.5 Hours of Music
o Critically acclaimed soundtrack by virt, Freaky DNA and Norrin Radd.
o It is available digitally, on CD and Vinyl.
Retro City Rampage is a record breaking feat developed almost entirely by one man, Brian Provinciano.
It’s launching worldwide on five platforms and 11 SKUs. A challenge for any studio, never before has one man developed and released a title for this many platforms, let alone half this many. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Brian accomplished this while simultaneously developing the game itself, designing it, programming the engine, gameplay, tools and tech from scratch, doing art, the business, production, and PR, marketing and tradeshows. It’s taken three years of full time dedication and half a decade of part time work, but it’s finally reached the finish line.
Oh! I almost forgot! Make that 12 SKUs. It also has an arcade machine to be stationed at EXP Restaurant & Bar.
The rest of the team is comprised of artist Maxime Trépanier and composers Jake “virt” Kaufman, Leonard “Freaky DNA” Paul and Matt “Norrin Radd” Creamer.
Maxime Trépanier is a jack-of-all-trades artist, a master in pixel art, painting, sketching, animation, 3D modelling and even tattoos. If it can be called art, he can do it.
Jake Kaufman’s credits are too long to list and include every platform from the Game Boy to current consoles. Some notable titles include Contra IV, Batman: The Brave & The Bold, TMNT and Red Faction: Guerrilla.
Leonard Paul has been in the industry since the 16-bit days, working on classic hits such as NBA Live 95 to the more recent NBA Jam 2010 reboot. Jake and Leonard recently performed a live set of Retro City Rampage music during the Game Developer’s Conference 2012 at DNA Lounge.
Matt Creamer harnesses the ability to compose any genre thrown his way, most famously known bringing death metal to the 8-Bit Nintendo NES music scene with his album Anomaly. His music brings great variety to Retro City Rampage, ranging from bubbly sunshine and rainbows to gritty adrenaline pumping metal.

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