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First Impressions – NintendoLand (E3 2012)

First Impressions – NintendoLand (E3 2012)

by Steve CullumJune 6, 2012

Today, at E3, we went through the five Playable games (of the 12 total) from NintendoLand. This title is slated to launch alongside the Wii U this holiday season.

The first one we tried was Luigi’s Ghost Mansion. In this multiplayer game, one controls a ghost with the Wii U GamePad, while the others run from it using their Wii Remotes. The ghost player sees all on the GamePad, but the rest only see the ghost when light is shown on it. It was fun, especially when you were using the GamePad to control the ghost. I could see many hours spent with friends on this mode alone.

The next game we tried was Donkey Kong: Crash Course, where you used the GamePad to control a triangle-shaped vehicle to make your way through a maze of ramps, elevators, and more in order to get to the goal. It was tough, actually, and might be one of the more challenging games. Although, it did not look very good in terms of graphics, though.

The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest was next, which put an archer on the GamePad with others using swords via Wii Remotes. It was on rails, which is probably its downfall. Other than that, it somewhat felt like a 3D Zelda Four Swords Adventure.

Animal Crossing: Sweet Day had players collecting sweets while the GamePad player controls two guards trying to capture the other players before they collect a set amount of sweets. This was similar to the Ghost Mansion game and equally as fun. It was really a challenge to control both guards at the same time.

Finally, we rounded out the themepark with Takamaru’s Ninja Castle. This game had a single player turn the GamePad sideways to swipe and send throwing stars at attacking ninjas. It seemed like a cross between Link’s Crossbow Training and one of the mini-games on Wii Sports Resort, which is mostly a good thing. It did not see as immersive as the other games, but it could’ve good for high score competitions with friends.

Overall, the five NintendoLand games were good, and they definitely reminded us of the tech demos shown last year. The yarn-like theme seemed like an interesting choice too. Speaking of graphics, some games looked really well, but others looked barely better than Wii. Hopefully things will get cleaned up before launch.

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