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Nintendo announces 3DS XL

Nintendo announces 3DS XL

by Bradley DeLorenzoJune 22, 2012

Nintendo announces $199 3DS LL with 4.88-inch top screen, available August 19th

Iwata revealed the 3DS XL on Nintendo Direct, featuring a 4.88-inch and 4.18-inch top and bottom screens and that the 3DS XL ships with a 4GB SD card. However, we will not see the much wanted second analog stick.

Japanese gamers will be able to pick up a 3DS LL in white, as well as in two-tone red / black or silver / white on July 28th for ¥18,900 (about $235).

In the US the handheld will be rebranded as the 3DS XL and will be available in red and blue on August 19th for $199.

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Bradley DeLorenzo
  • bcg567
    July 3, 2012 at 11:09 pm

     on july 11th can you make a 3ds game called ` mario party 10` and the first stage is a beautiful resort . and by july 11th : thats the day the game comes out in the nintendo eshop and cheap . ( not expencive . 10 3ds points . )   modes : normal mode , double dash mode and last but not least vehicle mode from mario party 9 . 

  • bcg567
    July 4, 2012 at 10:23 am

    My prediction 4 mario kart u new courses : mushroom cup : waluigi circuit  , toad city , wiggler gardens and dk circuit . ice flower cup : mario circuit , koopa sky base , melody land and goomba fields . egg cup ( all new ) : freezeflame road , bob – omb factory , bowser jr ` s air fleet and stormy skies . star cup : toadette`s music room , mushroom circuit , snapshot city and boo caves . special cup : luigi circuit , toad road , bowser ` s castle and last but not least , rainbow road . diamond cup : huge r

  • bcg567
    July 4, 2012 at 10:25 am

    – ace through bowser`s mansion . 

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