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Thoughts on Nintendo Direct from June 21, 2012

Thoughts on Nintendo Direct from June 21, 2012

by Steve CullumJune 22, 2012

The newest Nintendo Direct just finished about 30 minutes ago for North America. Overall,  they just threw a lot of info out in a very short time. I also had my video cut off early in the end, and start already into the 3DS XL announcement, so I felt gypped.

Anyway, the 3DS XL looks very interesting with its 4.88 and 4.18 inch screens. I probably won’t get it, just like I didn’t get a DSi XL, but it looks cool. I kind of wish they threw that other Circle Pad in, though. That would have definitely pushed the sales, I think. Now, it looks like it’s mainly competing with the Vita and/or giving a bigger screen for old people or people with bad eyesight. It will come in both a blue and red outer shell and launch on August 19 for an MSRP of $199, the same launch-day as New Super Mario Bros. 2.

The DLC announcements for both New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Fire Emblem were interesting and cool, but I wish they were free. I’ve never been a fan of a company announcing paid DLC before a game comes out, though. To me, it’s always been like… “Well, why didn’t you go ahead and put it in the actual game, then?” I know there is a lot that goes into that, but I’m just being honest about my first reactions to those statements.

Namco Bandai co-developing the next Smash Bros. games for 3DS and Wii U is very interesting, but it also makes some sense. They have a lot of experience/expertise in the fighting genre, so I have high expectations about these games. I think we can all but confirm 3rd-party characters, too, especially Pac-Man. Only time will tell what else they will bring to the table, but I think it will be very good!

The push for more VC 3DS games sounds cool, as they will be releasing two per week this summer, starting in July, but I don’t know if I will get any. Discounts are great, too, and Super Mario Land will be the first to get one. I am glad to see Nintendo jumping on the ball with that one finally! The brand new Kingdom Hearts 3DS demo should be good, especially if it’s the same one I played at E3. It got me interested in the series for sure (yes, I had not played a KH game until then).

The Pokemon apps for 3DS seem to be great, especially the augmented reality one where you can catch difficult Pokemon and use them in Black and White Version 2. However, it seems like something that should have been included in an actual 3DS version of Pokemon.

Other announcements included a Kirby Collection for Wii of six classic Kirby titles and a 3DS Professor Layton game. The Miracle Mask, as it is called, was a big highlight for me, as I have been waiting to see what they do with Layton on the 3DS. It looked great, and they promised new free puzzles via Spot Pass every day for a year.

It is interesting that they did not mention Animal Crossing at all, but the European Nintendo Direct did. According to it, Europe will get the game in early 2013, but nothing has been said about a North American release. We can only assume it will be around the same time.

In the end… I think this Nintendo Direct served its purpose — lots of info and made me want more! I just wish they shared a bit more of this at E3 earlier this month instead of waiting until another online video.

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