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DLC for Mutant Mudds is Possible

DLC for Mutant Mudds is Possible

by Steve CullumJuly 12, 2012

Earlier today, Jools Watsham, the lead developer for Renegade Kid, who developed the recent 3DS eShop hit, Mutant Mudds, tweeted something very interesting. He has been working on a PC port of the game, which today, he announced will have 40 additional levels. In addition, those who purchase the “Grannie Edition” will get 20 more levels. We followed up with Watsham, as did many others, and he responded with the following tweet:

“Many are asking if the 20 new levels in the special ‘Grannie Edition’ of Mudds coming to PC will make their way to the eShop. It’s possible.”

Sure, that is not 100% confirmation of DLC, but it is a good sign of things that could come down the line. Whether these levels would require additional payment or not is yet to be seen as well. For now, we are hoping things work out.

Would you like to see the DLC come to the 3DS eShop? If so, would you be willing to pay for it?

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