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Westwood College Presents – 4th Annual Gathering of Video Game Legends & Student Game-Concept Pitch Competition

Westwood College Presents – 4th Annual Gathering of Video Game Legends & Student Game-Concept Pitch Competition

by Jeremy HardinAugust 8, 2012

Westwood College Anaheim Campus is hosting their 4th Annual Gathering of Video Game Legends & Student Game-Concept Pitch Competition on Saturday, August 18, 2012.  To view the information in its entirety, please check out the official page ( on the college website.

Saturday, August 18th, 2012
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

  • Come interact with the “Legends” in the video game industry
  • Learn about a career in video gaming
  • Play and discuss video games
  • Attend workshops and demonstrations from: Westwood College Faculty, key video game Legends and Gaming companies
  • Enjoy keynote speakers and a Panel discussion from the Legends
  • Water Balloon Trebuchet
  • Gaming students get to test the water by pitching their game idea concepts first to Westwood Alumni in the gaming industry, and then to the Legends themselves!
There is no cost to attend!

Video Game Legends in Attendance:

Voldi Way, Tyrannical Overlord and founder of Way Forward
Tina Kowalewski, Director, External Development at Sony Computer Entertainment America
Noah Dudley, CCO of Realities Unlimited
Bill Fisher
Todd Northcutt
Rusty Buchert, Executive Producer of WhiteMoon Dreams
Kevin Brown, Art Development Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment America
John Say, founder of Say Design
Phil Adam
Justin Lloyd
John Cooney, Head of Game Development at Armor Games
Harvard Bonin, Senior Producer at Sony Computer Entertainment
Dave “Fargo” Kosak, game designer at Blizzard Entertainment
Daniel McNeely, Team Member at Armor Games
Cecil Kim, Lead Concept Artist at Sony Computer Entertainment
Bill Roper, Game Designer and Host on Bullet Proof Radio
RJ Mical

Here is a video from last year’s Gathering, plus you can play the games submitted in last year’s competition HERE

Just so you can know a little more about Westwood College, I have included their About Us info straight from the website.


Our mission

Westwood College is an institution of higher learning dedicated to providing quality, career-focused undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and credentials needed to launch, enhance, or change careers. The College offers broad access to education and serves a diverse, multicultural body of students in an environment that promotes pride, respect, and teamwork. The College’s programs are designed to empower students to pursue their individual career goals.

Who we are

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Alta College, Inc. (Alta) is the parent organization for Westwood College.  Since its inception, Alta has been a leader in career-focused education, meeting workforce needs for in-demand employment fields. As occupational challenges and opportunities are recognized, Alta develops new programs in cooperation with industry leaders to meet the needs of our students and graduates and of employers, as well.

Westwood College

Westwood College is an institution of higher learning founded in Denver, Colorado in 1953. Today, Westwood has 14 campuses across California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois and Virginia and an online campus.* Westwood offers a unique hands-on, career-focused curriculum providing three-year bachelor’s degrees in high-growth fields. We have more than 13,000 students enrolled in one of our degree programs in business, design, technology, industrial services, justice and healthcare. To date, over 24,000 Westwood graduates have transformed their lives by obtaining the skills, tools, experience and connections necessary to achieve meaningful careers.

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