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REVIEW – Outdoors Unleashed Africa 3D

REVIEW – Outdoors Unleashed Africa 3D

by Jeremy HardinSeptember 10, 2012

A review by Jeremy Hardin

Game – Outdoors Unleashed Africa 3D
Developer/Publisher – Teyon
Version – 3DS eShop
Time Spent Playing – 4 hours
Price – $3.99
Obtained – Review Copy courtesy of Teyon

Head into the deepest reaches of Africa, armed with your wits, your skills, and an array of high-powered weapons and accessories! Experience action arcade hunting excitement like never before as you explore 35 challenging missions across a variety of terrain. Match the right weapon to the situation to maximize your score, as you hunt over 15 different big game animals and birds. Pull off amazing long shots, zoom in for spectacular head shots, and take down dangerous predators before they attack!

Earn achievements, purchase new weapons, and aim for the best score as you fight your way through the safari!

Gameplay and Controls
Outdoors Unleashed is an on-rails, arcade style shooter in which players take on the role of a hunter with the instructions to kill every living thing in sight, save for the females of course.  Your goal is to amass a high score, earn a medal in each level and collect unlockables and trophies.  Your hunts take you through 5 different safaris with 7 levels each, for a total of 35 levels of nearly non-stop shooting action.  Along the way you will unlock more powerful equipment, and other accessories to enhance the hunt.  For instance, you can unlock guns with larger clips, gloves that shorten the reload rate, and even sunglasses that briefly slow down time.  Plus, there are over 60 collectibles in the game for those who like to collect.  You also have a life meter, which depletes in the rare instances in which an animal may attack you.  If your meter runs out, you fail the stage.  This only happened to me once, in which I purposefully allowed myself to be attacked to see what would happen.  Otherwise, you should never die.  I can tell you though, the game isn’t necessarily easy.  Especially when it comes to the smaller, faster animals – specifically rabbits.  Those suckers tried my patience and skill every time!

So as I mentioned above,  Unleashed is an on rails shooter, so you won’t be controlling the camera.  You will however be controlling the on screen cross-hairs.  Players control the cross-hairs using either the stylus or the circle pad.  I much more prefer the fluid movement of the stylus versus the circle pad, but that’s just my preference.  You shoot using either the L or R shoulder buttons and the rest of the controls are done using the touch screen.  Reload is either automatic, or when you tap the icon.  You can use the A,B,X,Y buttons to control the game as well, but this is the least desirable of methods.

Visuals and Sound
The graphics are quite decent, although distant objects and animals are pixelated, which makes it more difficult to make those distant shots.  The 3D effect works very well and enhances the experience.  I tried playing with the 3D turned off and I can assure you, it’s not worth it.  Overall, the graphics are just okay and really, that’s okay with me.  I was surprised that the visuals were as good as they were.  Besides, I was too busy racking up high scores and trying to get crazy combos to pay attention to too much else.  The sounds/music are alright, but easily forgettable.

Concluding Overall Impressions
Despite the fact that you’re killing animals, some of them endangered, you can’t argue with how enjoyable the hunt is – with 35 levels, hordes of animals to shoot, medals to earn and plenty of unlockables and trophies – Outdoors Unleashed packs quite a ‘bang’ for your buck!

Final Score: 5 out of 5

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