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REVIEW – Samurai G

REVIEW – Samurai G

by Jeremy HardinOctober 4, 2012

A review by Jeremy Hardin

Game – Samurai G
Developer/Publisher – UFO Interactive
Version – eShop
Price – $1.99
Obtained – Review Copy courtesy of UFO Interactive
Gameplay and Controls
Tengu’s Gold are sacred coins, rumored to hold the power of Tengu, the Harbinger of War.  Players take control of Tetsuo, a Samurai who must stop the power of Tengu’s Gold from falling into the wrong hands.  You will fight off several types of enemies, avoiding traps, and projectiles along the way.  Activate Gold Mode to harness the power of Tengu and to speed up gameplay and become invincible for a brief amount of time.  There is no end to Samurai G, you will span across 6 different environments that seamlessly meld into each other.  Other than the visual difference that you are in a new area, there will also be coins that spell out “L 01” or “L02”.  Your goal is to  try and beat your best score and earn all 24 in-game achievements.  The gameplay, while not perfect, is quite fun and at times almost addictive.  There would be times my run might only last for 10 seconds, others near two minutes.  The screen automatically scrolls from left to right, but you control Tetsuo’s movement within the screen.  Enemies and projectiles will almost come from the right.
So far, I have made it to Level 04 and I have run across ninjas who throw shurikens, ninjas in some sort of aerial device throwing projectiles, ninjas who flip onto the screen and slice at you with their swords, and warriors on horseback.    The enemies don’t come after you, you have to come after them.  This is where the challenge lies, as you are trying to dodge or deflect the projectiles, you also must jump over bamboo spikes that pop up from holes in the ground, sharp wood spears stuck in the ground which kill you instantly and then catch up to the enemies and slice them down.  It’s all about reflexes, so you’ll have to be good to get far.
The screen moves at a set speed, so you’ll be using the circle pad to move Tetsuo left and right.  You use your sword by pressing Y and jump by pressing B.  Gold mode can be activated either by collecting a certain amount of coins, which will activate Gold mode automatically.  Or you can press L to activate Gold mode.  The moment you activate Gold Mode, Tetsuo changes into an all gold samurai and the screen scrolls by even faster.  More enemies will assault you, but seeing as how you are invincible it really doesn’t matter, does it?  Gold mode will wear off after roughly 5-7 seconds, so cut down as many as you can, but be careful not to stay in the right corner of the screen, you never know what trap will be next.  I found myself getting impaled on sharp sticks immediately after Gold mode wore off due to me hugging that right corner.
As I mentioned, there are 24 in-game achievements to unlock.  These range from killing a certain amount of enemies, running a certain distance, collecting a certain amount of coins, and activating Gold Mode a certain amount of times.  Each of these 4 types have six different levels to them, three of which are recorded in one run and the other 3 are recorded overall.


Visuals and Sound
The visuals look great and are hand-drawn.  The death animations for Tetsuo and the enemies look great, each enemy type has a unique death animation.  The speed in which the levels pass by really looks good, and overall the visuals look great.  The audio is about just as good as the visuals.  The music has an oriental sound to it and the sound effects of the swords, the deaths, and the coins all sound very good.  The visuals and audio work very well together to help contribute to a fun experience.

Concluding Overall Impressions
Samurai G is another awesome hi-score game with simple gameplay mechanics, great looking visuals, several in-game achievements and a sweet asking price of $1.99.  Samurai G is a definite buy if you are a fan of fast paced, fun, hi-score NINJA games and it’s great to play when you only have a few minutes to spare.

Final Score: 4.5 out of 5

About The Author
Jeremy Hardin
Jeremy's love of gaming, especially Nintendo started in the late 80's when his parents bought him and his older brother an NES. Many hours were spent playing Mario and Duck Hunt. Eventually Jeremy graduated to bigger and better games and systems, like the SNES, GC, Wii, 3DS, and finally to the Wii U. Ask him what the defining moment of his childhood gaming was and he'll answer, "the day I beat Zelda 2." To this day that game holds a special place in his heart. His favorite types of games are platformers. Jeremy started blogging for NintendoFuse in October 2010. He started off as a lurker on the forums who won a free copy of And Yet It Moves on WiiWare. From there he realized he liked the forums and the site and wanted to remain a part of it. He was brought on board shortly thereafter and has helped post news and reviews for the past couple of years. Currently Jeremy has taken a step back to focus on family and school. He assists in minor back-end site maintenance from time to time.
  • Steve
    October 4, 2012 at 10:47 am

    Is there an online leaderboard at all? I hope so. In my opinion, it is something almost all hi-score games need today. If I am only competing with myself, that is only half the fun I could be having.

    • October 4, 2012 at 11:15 am

      Thanks for pointing that out Steve. I forgot to mention it in the review. Unfortunately, no there is no online leaderboard. Personally, it doesn’t matter much to me. I think it’s nice, but not a big deal. Still, this is a really fun CHEAP game!

      Oh and as for online leaderboards – Angry Birds Trilogy has them! Now I can see just how bad I stink at the game!

  • October 13, 2012 at 1:54 am

    I just don’t understand…….

    LOL, reviews are all over the place these days. I just saw a 1 out of 10 on this game on another site, and thought you had reviewed it higher.


    • October 15, 2012 at 9:19 am

      I know what you’re saying. My reviews are a combination of facts and opinions. It is how much I enjoyed the game. How I felt playing the game. Personally, I think it’s a small game to be enjoyed in short bursts. I just read the review at NintendoLife, their guy gave it a 1. Is this perhaps the same review you read?

      While I don’t agree with him, the reviewer, Jon, is entitled to his opinion. I also understand some of the frustrations he experienced, but not all of them. Also, something to keep in mind is the degree to which he and I (as well as all reviewers) found things frustrating, or enjoyable or whatever.

      I don’t think Samurai G deserves a 1 out of 10, but I do think it’s refreshing to see such a drastic difference in review scores. This lets me know that I can expect to gain a wide range of views on the game.

      Thanks for the comment!

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