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LOTS of New Details for New Super Mario Bros U

LOTS of New Details for New Super Mario Bros U

by Jeremy HardinOctober 30, 2012
  • The World Map is huge, with tons of branching paths, even allowing you to skip entire worlds! After World 2, you reach a fork in the road that leads to either Sparking Waters or Frozen Glacier.
  • Remember the mysterious and confusing Forest of Illusion from Mario World? It’s basically back in the form of Soda Jungle, where finding secret exits is a must in order to proceed.
  • In addition to being found in certain levels, Baby Yoshis also periodically appear in set places on the World Map. If you find one, he’ll follow you into any level where you can then use him. And you can keep taking him with you from level to level as long as you don’t die or otherwise lose him.
  • Power-Ups, such as the Acorn, can also be found periodically on the roaming map (similar to the roaming enemies). If you touch one, it’ll be added to your invetory instantly.
  • The inventory system is changed from New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Now you can only hold 10 items total, but any used item is still applied to everyone in co-op mode.
  • The P-Wing is back…sort of! It’s not called the P-Acorn and allows you to fly indefinitely.
  • Little P’s emit like sparkles from Mario when using the P-Acorn.
  • P-Acorns can be earned by grabbing Nabbit, a new character that steals items from Toad Houses and runs off to hide in a level. Pay it a visit to engage a chase–if you can manage to catch him (careful! He’s fast), you’ll earn yourself a P-Wing.
  • As you work your way through the World Map, occasional cutscenes are triggered, showing the Princess’s Castle growing into a great state of disarray, eventually being surrounded by a giant Tornado.
  • Challenge Mode is a brand new experience that offers dozens of challenges broken into different genres, such as flying stages” or collecting 1-Ups. The difficulty ranges from 1-5 stars, with 5 being the hardest.
  • You can earn Bronze, Silver, or Gold medals for high-scores in Challenge Mode.
  • Penguin Suit is back, though it only appears as part of the challenges stages, such as one level where you slide down a hill trying to take down as many enemies as possible to earn 1-Ups.
  • Mini Mario also appears in Challenge Mode, such as in a challenge where you’re holding a Blue Yoshi and have to carefully bounce off the bubbles he spits out to reach a goal high above.
  • Coin Battle is a competitive multiplayer mode to see who can collect the most coins that returns from New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but now with levels exclusive to it.
  • Stage names
  • Acorn Plains-1 “Acorn Plains Way”
  • Acorn Plains-2 “Tilted Tunnel”
  • Acorn Plains-Tower “Crushing Cogs Tower”
  • Acorn Plains-3 “Yoshi Hill”
  • Acorn Plains-4 “Mushroom Heights”
  • Acorn Plains-5 “Rise of the Piranha Plants”
  • Acorn Plains-”Castle Lemmy’s Swingback Castle”
  • Layer Cake Desert-1 ”Stone-Eye Zone”
  • Layer Cake Desert-2 ”Perilous Pokey Cave”
  • Layer Cake Desert-3 ”Fire Snake Cavern”
  • Layer Cake Desert-Fortress “Layer Cake Fortress” (I could be mistaken on this one)
  • Layer Cake Desert-4 ”Spike’s Spouting Sand”
  • Layer Cake Desert-5 *Missed it*
  • Layer Cake Desert-6 ”Blooming Lakitu’s”
  • Layer Cake Desert Castle – ”Morton’s Compactor Castle”
  • Sparkling Waters-1 “Waterspout Beach”
  • Sparkling Waters-2 Tropicial Refresher
  • Sparkling Waters-3 Above the Cheep Cheep Sea
  • Sparkling Waters-Tower “Giant Skewer Tower”
  • Sparkling Waters-4 Urchin Shoals
  • Sparkling Waters-5 Dragoneel’s Undersea Grotto
  • Frosted Glacier-1 ”Spinning Star Sky”
  • Frosted Glacier-2 ”Cooligan Fields”
  • Frosted Glacier-Tower Fortress “Freezing Rain Tower”
  • Frosted Glacier-3 ”Prickly Goombas”
  • Frosted Glacier-4 ”Scaling the Mountainside”
  • Frosted Glacier-5 ”Icicle Caverns”
  • Frosted Glacier-Ghost House ”Swinging Ghost House”
  • Frosted Glacier-Castle “Wendy’s Shifting Castle”
  • Soda Jungle-1 “Jungle of the Giants”
  • Soda Jungle- ”Bridge Over Poisoned Water”
  • Soda Jungle-Tower “Snake Block Tower”
  • Soda Jungle-3 “Bramble Jungle
  • Soda Jungle-4 “Painted Swamp Land”
  • Soda Jungle-5 ”Deepsea Ruins”
  • Soda Jungle-Castle ”Iggy’s Volcanic Castle”

Source: Thanks to GoNintendo and GameXplain!

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