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REVIEW – Crazy Kangaroo

REVIEW – Crazy Kangaroo

by Jeremy HardinNovember 8, 2012

A review by Jeremy Hardin

Developer/Publisher – Gamelion
Version – 3DS eShop
Price – $3.99
Obtained – Review Copy courtesy of Gamelion
Gameplay and Controls
Poor Kangaroo, you were captured by poachers and stuck on an airplane destined for who knows where.  As your misfortune would have it, your crate fell out of the airplane and landed in the Amazon.  At least you’re free now, right? Well, if you want your freedom, you’ll have to escape the enemies who are trying to hunt you down.  Thus is the story of Crazy Kangaroo and how it all begins.  The story is silly and doesn’t matter one bit.  All that matters is you are a Kangaroo hopping along through levels trying to outrun the enemies who want to capture you.  Okay, so the goal is simple, but is the gameplay?
Your goal in the game is to outrun the enemies who are on your tail, all the while collecting stars, avoiding obstacles and trying not fall in the water.  To earn more stars you need to make longer jumps and complete mission goals.  At the beginning of each level, there are 3 goals assigned to you randomly from a total of 68.    The stages are also randomized so you can never memorize the pattern, which is cool because it adds to the challenge.
There are two modes to Crazy Kangaroo, Stages and Endless.  There are 3 levels with 5 stages each for a total of 15 stages.  In Stages mode you have a meter on the left side of the screen which shows the start and end of the level plus your current position as well as the enemy’s current position.  You also have 3 lives before you die.  Scattered throughout the levels are crazy power-ups like cake, which give you a power/speed boost, life preservers which protect you from harm if you touch water, magnets that pull in surrounding stars and more.  In Endless mode, you have one life and that’s it.  Your goal is to go as far as you can, racking up as high a score as possible before dying.
As I mentioned before, there are 68 total accomplishments, all of which can be viewed from the main menu.  There is no multiplayer or online play.  You also will earn new ranks as your score and star count increases.  The power-ups can be upgraded by purchasing them with the stars you collected.  Overall, Crazy Kangaroo has quite a bit of content for a seemingly simple hi-score game.
Players control the Kangaroo using the circle pad and that’s it.  Your ‘Kanga’ will jump automatically as the level scrolls past.  You will move the circle pad left and right to change direction and up and down to change speed.
Visuals and Sound
The visuals and art style are cartoony and they look great.  The audio is funny and quirky and fits quite well with the ‘crazy’ theme of the game.  The graphics are sharp and crisp and I was really surprised by how nice the game looks.  I can’t think of any complaints in these departments.
Concluding Overall Impressions
I’ve had a really fun time playing Crazy Kangaroo and I think it easily worth the $3.99 price tag, especially considering the amount of content and achievements.  If you’re a fan of hi-score games and you enjoy quirky themes and gameplay, then I suggest you purchase a copy of Crazy Kangaroo today.

Final Score: 4 out of 5

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**Editors Note: I am not a professional reviewer.  My reviews are a mixture of facts as well as opinions relating to my personal experience in playing the game.  The number score I gave the game reflects how I feel about the game, not how you or other reviewers feel about the game.  So please, take my review, as well as any others with a grain of salt.  In the least, I hope my review is helpful in whatever decision you make in regards to purchasing the game. **

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