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Chasing Aurora: Gameplay Videos

Chasing Aurora: Gameplay Videos

by Steve CullumNovember 13, 2012

The team over at Broken Rules just sent over some gameplay videos of their upcoming Wii U title, Chasing Aurora.

Chasing Aurora is a multiplayer game with five game modes. Up to five players fight for Aurora’s Gem in tournaments that span up to three disciplines. Two of those put the GamePad player in a special position – they become either predator or prey, while the remaining players form a team. After each round, the GamePad is handed to another player. Cooperation AND competition are the path to victory.

The single player mode is a race against the clock. The player’s task is to stay on track while dealing with obstacles, such as falling rocks, lightning strikes and gusts of wind. This game mode features local high scores.

Hide and Seek: The team’s goal is to find the Golden Bird and steal Aurora’s Gem.

Chase Mode: Grab and keep Aurora’s Gem, while trying to stay alone on the screen.

Trail Challenge: Fly through a course as fast as possible while hitting gates to score points.

Freeze Tag: The player on the GamePad plays the Ice Bird, whose goal is to freeze all other players.

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