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REVIEW – Cake Ninja 2

REVIEW – Cake Ninja 2

by Greg DabkeyNovember 15, 2012

A game review by Greg Dabkey (Gamer Greg)

Game – Cake Ninja 2
Version – DSiWare
ESRB Rating – ‘E’ – For Everyone
Price – $4.99/500 points
Release date: 11/1/2012
Obtained – Review copy courtesy of Cypronia

Do you like cake?  Do you like slicing cake?  If you need to feed your craving for slicing virtual cake, then just slice your way through multiple types of cakes then this is the game for you.

Gameplay & Controls

The gameplay is very simple, cake will get tossed on the screens and the player must use the stylus to slice the cake.  The player should not slice watermelons and keep an eye out for those as they will randomly get tossed in.  Also, some power ups may get tossed in allowing the time to slow down, prevent watermelons from appearing to forcing cakes to remain on the screens.  These are just some of the power ups available, and the player just simply has to slice the present that bounces along on the screen.

The player also has the ability to double slice the cakes as well.  The player gets a higher score by slicing all the cakes that appear on the screen.  Initially you just compete against yourself, but as soon as you top the #1 score, the game will provide a code so that your score will be submitted to the Cake Ninja 2 contest.  The current contest will allow you to win DSi points within the DSiWare shop.  The top 3 scores in each of the 4 modes will be awarded points.  You can see the details at

Game Modes

The modes allow the player to have different goals while performing this simple objectiveCake Ninja 2 has 4 different modes available.  This includes a combo mode where the player must slice a specific order of the cakes.  A combination will appear on the top screen and the player must make a single slice and cut the cakes in that specific order.  Next is a 222 mode, which the objective is to get the best time.  In this mode the player competes to slice 222 cakes in the shortest amount of time.  Then there is a survival mode where the player can only miss ten pieces of cake and has to avoid watermelons as well.  Finally, there is classic mode which was found in the original game.  This is an endless mode where the player just continues to cut cakes while avoiding watermelons.


The graphics are actually pretty good.  The ninja on the title screen animation looks pretty good, even though parts of him are block shaped.  The cakes that are tossed have some good details and look delicious.  Also, while slicing some sword markings will appear on the back wall adding just that little bit extra that makes it enjoyable to look at.  The background is just a plain wall, but with the constant action, you need to be able to see the cakes easily.  I did enjoy looking at the slash marks on the wall after cutting numerous cakes.  The animations are the strongest making it look like the cake was really being sliced and the separation looks pretty realistic as it slices off at the angle that the player sliced.

Music/Sound Effects

This is one of the weakest portions of the game.  While playing there is no background music which came as a surprise.  There is a song that plays during the menu and is somewhat catchy but it also repeats very quickly.  The sound effects are well done though as the slicing sounds realistic.  The voice acting is in a Japanese-English accent which suits the game well.  It was enjoyable to hear the countdown before the mode started.

Concluding Overall Impressions
While it is entertaining to slice cakes, I found that the gameplay got very repetitive.  Even with 4 different modes, the modes were basically one and the same, just slicing cakes, watching out for watermelons.  Also with the lack of music it was harder for me to play in longer stints since I felt it was harder to enjoy.  With a contest to win points and way to send scores to an official leaderboard, that helped to add that little something extra.  I would recommend this game for casual gamers that enjoy simple gameplay mechanics and play games for a shorter period of time.

Final Score: 6 out of 10


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