Call of Duty Black Ops 2 – Wii U VS PS3 Graphics Comparison'

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  • Juanito

    Well, first of all, you can’t put the PC, PS3 and the 360 side by side, because they have completely different graphics.

    • Sue Wreck

      That’s why they use the same game. To see which one holds the better graphics. Although a well built pc would crush any console and until you can build your own console, its going to stay that way.

      • Bogle

        It used to be that PC’s always crushed consoles, but 2 generations ago the consoles were ahead…for a minute. PC’s caught up quickly. But the next generation (x2 and p3) were unquestionably above pc’s for a good 6 months or more. Nvidia and ATI are making cards for them. They are proprietary and at launch were stronger than any made for PC’s (look it up). Consoles are sold below cost and their primary focus is on video gaming. Comparatively and drastically more expensive high end PC’s took the lead again in less than a year, but it was still quite a while before it wasn’t laughably more expensive to do so. The next generation will doubtless top them again and likely for an even longer block of time, but after that…no more PC lead. Everything will go cloud and the upgrading will be constant and at the other end. And since games are played on console more than PC (by more than a 20 to 1 margin), that’s where the money is…and you can bet the farm PC’s will never take the lead over cloud gaming for a console. So when you say, “it’s going to stay that way”, I’m going to respectfully disagree. And certainly it hasn’t been that way in more recent console launches. As a point of interest, cloud gaming won’t rule consoles for another 8 or 9 years. But you can still enjoy the greatest graphics and performance in the first year of a consoles launch (here we are certainly not including Nintendo….sadly). Toodles.

  • Robert

    wii U verson is better based on this video look at the knife lol looks cleaner and shaper the ps3 or xbox360 its better if you put setting in 1080p

  • dal

    WTF??? omfg so the shit U now looks better than PS3? nice activision, this is the last cod of my life.

    • wii u rapes the non believers

      Pussy, haha

    • Jonathan

      You are surprised that a new console looks better than a 6 year old console? Wow. I know this was posted 17 days ago, but this was just shocking…It isn’t activistions fault that the ps3 doesn’t perform as well with multi-platform releases.

  • KMc

    Six years too late

  • sss

    @ dal
    aahhaha gaystation and gaybox owned 😀

  • Joseph Spears

    It looks slightly better in colors but it is a port for a new systemwe wont see full capability for a year or more

  • Meh…

    I would be impressed if the Wii U was being compared to next gen hardware, but it has at least a six year leg up on the hardware. All in all, I’m not impressed Nintendo, looks like you will be continuing the tradition of underpowered consoles with gimmicky controls.

  • greengreifer