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Hulu Plus now available for Nintendo’s Wii U

Hulu Plus now available for Nintendo’s Wii U

by Bradley DeLorenzoNovember 21, 2012

Hulu Plus will be available on the Wii U console starting today.

Want to see it in action? Check out this quick walk-through video:

Once the device starts up, Hulu Plus can be found right on the home screen, which makes discovering shows or catching up on new episodes easier than ever.

The Hulu Plus experience on Wii U includes large, vivid artwork that makes it easy to navigate. As you scroll and search, the Wii U GamePad automatically updates to provide rich information about shows, episodes and more. Using the controller, you can start watching instantly or queue up an episode for future viewing.

While watching your favorite show, you can easily move what you’re watching from your big screen to the Wii U GamePad. This feature is perfect for when you step away from the TV and want to take the viewing experience with you throughout your home.

When watching shows on the Wii U GamePad, you still have access to all the controls that you are familiar with. Switching to and from the TV is as simple as tapping the button in the lower right corner.

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