The Legend of Zelda: Timeline – Full Episode

The Legend of Zelda: Timeline – Full Episode
For nearly 25 years, The Legend of Zelda has captivated people from around the world. In GameTrailer’s premiere episode of Timeline, they delve into the realm of Hyrule, a kingdom filled with mystery and magic! (38:09)'

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  • Toomsie

    I’d love to know where I could get my hands on the music. Especially the a link to the past music. Sounds orchestrated. Ah, I must play through this game again!

    • Steve

      My guess is that it is from the Zelda Symphony album.

  • Bryon Bougie

    I enjoyed this a lot, though it should be noted that Hyrule Historia was only released in Japan in 2011 and the US version won’t be out until early 2013. This is basically a spoiler for the book. :) Also, I dont like ads though but I guess someone has to pay the bills.

    • ima420r

      You can get the Hyrule Historian when you preorder the Zelda: WindWalker HD remake! It’s a DIGITAL copy but still a nice bonus.

  • Hulky1659

    Go to on itunes for the music