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Mega Man 1-6 Coming to 3DS eShop

Mega Man 1-6 Coming to 3DS eShop

by Steve CullumDecember 17, 2012

megaman3ds_announcementHey, all you Mega Man fans! Capcom Unity just announced something you might enjoy:

Japan and Europe have had their fun, now it’s time for the North American eShop to get in on the action. Each of the classic NES Mega Man titles (that’s 1~6) will come to said eShop beginning with the original Mega Man on December 27 – that’s 10 days from now!

This will be followed by Mega Man 2 on February 7, with the rest of the games coming in regular intervals throughout 2013. You’ll soon have the whole collection on one handheld!

Will you be downloading the Mega Man 1-6 collection to your Nintendo 3DS? They are sure to keep you busy! The good thing is, similar to the Wii Virtual Console, there will probably be save-states, so it might make Mega Man just a tiny bit easier. Wait, who am I kidding? They will still be hard — and that is a good thing!

[Capcom Unity Blog]

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