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REVIEW – Cake Ninja Xmas

REVIEW – Cake Ninja Xmas

by Greg DabkeyDecember 26, 2012

A review by Gamer Greg

Game – Cake Ninja Xmas
Version – DSiWare
ESRB Rating – ‘E’ – For Everyone

Price – $1.99/200 points
Release date: 12/20/2012
Obtained – Review copy courtesy of Cypronia

Do you like cake?  How about Christmas?  Will this game be as good as delicious piece of cake?  Or has this piece fallen on the floor?  Read this review and find out!

Gameplay & Controls

Here we are with another Cake Ninja game, this time it goes Christmas.  The gameplay is still the same as the other Cake Ninja games, meaning you are still slicing and dicing the objects on the screen.  The difference is that instead of slicing cakes, you are slicing snowballs.  Instead of watermelons you are slicing Santa himself.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with Cake Ninja, basically cake was ‘tossed’ on the touch screen and you would use the stylus to slice it.  You would try to avoid slicing the watermelon as that would make the player take damage.

There is only a single mode this time around and basically these gingerbread cake cut outs hurl snowballs at the screen.  If the player fails to slice the snowball the player takes a hit.  If the player slices Santa, they take a hit.  At the beginning there is a single gingerbread cookie cut out hurling a snowball or Santa one at a time.  After the gingerbread cookie cut out is defeated (next paragraph), the next wave begins with an additional gingerbread cookie hurling either a snowball or Santa at the player.

As I mentioned, the gingerbread cookie thrower can be defeated.  Basically the player accumulates points by slicing the snowballs.  Each one missed or Santa sliced reduces the score by a few points.  The sooner a snowball is sliced the more points that are earned.  The snowball is able to be sliced the moment it appears on the touch screen.  Now that you’ve collected hundreds of points, the player gets a chance to strike back at these gingerbread cookies.  The player gets 3 snowballs to fight with.  Basically the player slides the stylus along the touch screen in the direction they want the snowball to go.  The object is to strike the gingerbread cookie.

A single hit defeats them and when all gingerbread cookies are defeated, the next wave begins with 1 additional cookie throwing snowballs or Santas at the player.  Failure to defeat any or all gingerbread cookies within 3 throws will reset the wave.  If there was one left and all three shots missed, the points are reset to the beginning of the wave.  If at least one was hit then the score remains and the player continues to earn points.  Also, as the wave is completed the player regains one piece of health.  The player is defeated if they are hit three times.

As with Cake Ninja 2, you initially just compete against yourself, but as soon as you top the #1 score, the game will provide a code so that your score will be submitted to the Cake Ninja 2 contest.  The current contest will allow you to be entered into a raffle to win a Wii U.  A console will be awarded at the beginning of the year (Jan 1st), at the end of January and the player with the highest overall score at the end of February wins the third console.  You can see the details at

Graphics/Visuals & Music/Sound Effects

The graphics are pretty poor on this edition of the game.  All characters, backgrounds and game elements look pretty poor.  Details are scarce and the game looks pixilated or blurry.  The music is probably the biggest disappointment as there is just a single tune which continues on repeat while you play.  It is simply “Jingle Bells” while playing and “Up on the Rooftop” while in the menu.  Both songs repeat within 35-45 seconds so the music can get annoying pretty quickly.  If there was a medley of tunes during play it might have made it more enjoyable to listen to.  The sound effects are the same as Cake Ninja 2, meaning a countdown and a few limited sayings with a Japanese accent.


Concluding Overall Impressions
Unfortunately this game does not live up to the last edition, Cake Ninja 2.  The player is not even cutting cakes this time around.  The graphics seem pretty lazy and not impressive at all.  The music gets annoying to listen to within a single play session.  These issues are probably somewhat explained with the low price point of $1.99/200 points.  For those looking to have a chance to win a Wii U, I highly recommend you give it a shot for this low priced game.  There were only about 85 ranked players as of this writing, so your chances will be pretty good.  Those that do not need to go after a chance to win a Wii U; I would recommend skipping over this one as this game will get old quickly.

3 out of 10

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