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REVIEW – Nano Assault Neo

REVIEW – Nano Assault Neo

by Jeremy HardinJanuary 10, 2013

A review by Jeremy Hardin


Developer/Publisher – Shin’en/Shin’en Multimedia
Version – Wii U eShop
Price – $9.99
Obtained – Review Copy courtesy of Shin’en Multimedia
Gameplay and Controls
Nano Assault Neo is a “twin-stick style shoot ’em up game” in which players take control of a microscopic ship tasked with stopping the deadly Nanostray virus from spreading in the nano cosmos.  So what does all that mean? It means you’ll be blasting away enemies from all directions in every action packed level as you traverse these microscopic cell clusters in any direction you please.  Just as you could run around a planet in Super Mario Galaxy, you can fly around each cell in the same manner.  There are 16 levels to complete with 4 bosses to battle and defeat.  From the start, only the first cluster Epsilon is unlocked.  In order to progress to the next cluster, you must complete each level and defeat the boss of that cluster.  Throughout each level you will be dodging enemy fire in every direction, trying to destroy said enemies and gathering power-ups and credits.  The credits can be used in the Upgrade Store at the end of each level.  Now what’s a shoot ’em up without weapons, weapons, and more weapons? So let’s talk about the weapons and upgrades you’ll be using.  You are able to have up to four satellites and three subweapons.  The Upgrade Store is where you are able to spend your accrued credits to purchase subweapons, additional satellites to start with, shields, extra lives and more.  During each level you can also attempt to obtain letters (B-O-N-U-S) which will give you access to an incredibly fast-paced bonus level.  In these bonus levels you have the opportunity to earn extra credits to spend in the Upgrade store.  The only downside with Nano Assault Neo is the length.  Thankfully, the inclusion of Online leaderboards and Friend rankings keeps you coming back for more in hopes to earn those infamous ‘bragging rights.’
Controlling your ship is incredibly simple and the ship’s movements are smooth and fast.  While you’re playing you can use the touch screen to adjust and reposition your satellites so that you are better protected against the onslaught of viruses and bacteria that attack you.  I found this use of the touchscreen to be the absolute best.  You can also play the entire game on the Gamepad and it looks and plays just as great here too.  You will be controlling your ship using the L stick while using the R stick to direct your continuous stream of fire.  The controls are simple and easy to use.
Visuals and Sound
These are some of the best visuals I have seen, it really comes down to the detail and the lighting and they do not disappoint.  I remember reviewing the original on the 3DS and being very impressed by the visuals.  Shin’en certainly knows what they’re doing with the Nintendo hardware and I’m glad to see such a great game on the eShop.  I can not say enough how impressed I am with the visuals and especially the lighting.  I remember reading the IGN review and Lucas Thomas stated that Nano Assault Neo is ‘shiny’ and I must agree.  Everything has a sheen to it and looks amazing.  The audio tracks are quite catchy and just might have you tapping your foot or bobbing your head as you take in the techno beats coming out of your speakers.  What else can I say – I am impressed.
Concluding Overall Impressions
Nano Assault Neo is yet another excellent game put out by Shin’en – with the high replay factor, level of challenge, two-player mode, online leaderboards and stunning visuals and catchy audio –  and is one well worth the asking price of $9.99.  Do yourselves a favor and download it today.

Final Score: 8 out of 10

About The Author
Jeremy Hardin
Jeremy's love of gaming, especially Nintendo started in the late 80's when his parents bought him and his older brother an NES. Many hours were spent playing Mario and Duck Hunt. Eventually Jeremy graduated to bigger and better games and systems, like the SNES, GC, Wii, 3DS, and finally to the Wii U. Ask him what the defining moment of his childhood gaming was and he'll answer, "the day I beat Zelda 2." To this day that game holds a special place in his heart. His favorite types of games are platformers. Jeremy started blogging for NintendoFuse in October 2010. He started off as a lurker on the forums who won a free copy of And Yet It Moves on WiiWare. From there he realized he liked the forums and the site and wanted to remain a part of it. He was brought on board shortly thereafter and has helped post news and reviews for the past couple of years. Currently Jeremy has taken a step back to focus on family and school. He assists in minor back-end site maintenance from time to time.
  • January 11, 2013 at 7:30 pm

    I’ve had my eye on this one, since before launch. I keep forgetting to print off one of my store coupons, but I’m planning (maybe tomorrow!) to grab an eShop card for more purchases.

    Do you know from start to finish, just concentrating on the main levels, how many hours it would take?

  • LaBomba
    January 19, 2013 at 11:09 pm

    I am so addicted to this game! I need more levels! Now!

    Depending on your gaming skill level, I would guess about 8 to 12 hours gaming time to make it through every level for the first time. The addiction kicks in once you’ve opened everything up, including survivor mode. Then an overwhelming need to improve your score and best your number of consecutive rounds survived will swallow your soul.

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