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Nintendo Land – All Tips, Tricks, & Cheats

Nintendo Land – All Tips, Tricks, & Cheats

by Steve CullumFebruary 13, 2013

Nintendo Land is a Wii U collection of 12 attractions (mini-games) which are all themed to a particular Nintendo character or game. Below is an always-growing list of all the tips, tricks, and cheats for Nintendo Land.

SPOILER ALERT: Unless it is not so obvious, the information below will contain spoilers.


Bonus Courses, Missions, & Arenas

Donkey Kong’s Crash Course

Bonus Courses: Successfully complete each task to unlock the course:

  • Course 2: Complete Course 1 twice
  • Course 3: Complete Course 2 twice.
  • Course 4: Complete Course 3 once.

Legend of Zelda Battle Quest

Bonus Missions: Complete the first nine missions to unlock 5 additional missions

Luigi’s Ghost Mansion

Bonus Missions: Play 20 matches to unlock two extra levels in Luigi’s Ghost Mansion.

Metroid Blast

Bonus Missions: Complete the first 20 missions to unlock ten extra missions in Metroid Blast.

Pikmin Adventure

Bonus Missions: Complete the first 16 missions to unlock six extra missions in Pikmin Adventure.

Bonus Versus Mode Arenas: Complete the task to unlock the arena:

  • Hero’s Arena: Play five games in the Warrior’s Arena.
  • Warrior’s Arena: Play five games in the Starter’s Arena.


Left-Handed Controls: In the Plaza, rotate the controller 180 degrees to control the camera with the left analog-stick, and your movement will automatically be adjusted on the right analog-stick.



Successfully complete the task to unlock the stamp:

Animal Crossing Sweet Day

  • Double Takedown: Catch two animals at the same time.
  • Serve and Protect x10: Win 10 times as the Gatekeepers.
  • Sneaky Snatcher: Win without being caught once.
  • So… Much… Candy…: Win with a head full of candy.
  • Tackle Takedown: Perform a tackle.

Balloon Trip Breeze

  • 30 Birds Down: Defeat 30 balloon birds.
  • Almost Fish Food: Escape from the fish.
  • Flawless Flight: Successfully complete a perfect journey. (No Assisted Play must not be in use, and all balloons must be collected.)
  • Island Hopper: Visit all islands.
  • Special Delivery: Successfully complete two successful package deliveries.

Captain Falcon’s Twister Race

  • 4-Star Racer: Acquire four star items in one race.
  • 5-Mistake Limit: Reach the goal with less than five mistakes.
  • Checkered Flag: Pass all areas.
  • Hang Time: First jump.
  • Racing Perfection: Successfully complete a perfect run with no crashes. (No Assisted Play allowed.)

Donkey Kong’s Crash Course

  • Cutting Corners: Execute a shortcut.
  • Double Damsel Rescue: Save Pauline twice.
  • Perfect Run: Successfully complete a perfect run. (No Assisted Play allowed.)
  • Perfect Through Area 2: Get through area 2 with no mistakes.
  • Skip 30 Bananas: Leave 30 bananas behind.

Luigi’s Ghost Mansion

  • Back from the Brink: Win as the Ghost with only a sliver of health left.
  • Battery Free Victory: Win without picking up any Batteries.
  • Ghostly Good Night: Win 10 times as the Ghost.
  • Magical Win: Win using magic.
  • Untouchable Roof Wraith: Win on Monita’s Rooftop without taking any damage.

Mario Chase

  • 1 Second on the Clock: Catch Mario with only 1 second remaining.
  • 10-Time Champion: Successfully escape as Mario 10 times.
  • 20-Second Catch: Catch Mario within the first 20 seconds of a match.
  • Finish at the Start: Be sitting at the starting point as Mario when time runs out.
  • Starless Getaway: Win a match as Mario without ever grabbing the Star.

Metroid Blast (Assault Mode)

  • 100 Enemies Down: Defeat 100 enemies total.
  • Boss Blaster: Defeat the final Boss.
  • In the Belly of the Beast: Get inside a huge enemy’s body.
  • Master Bounty Hunter: Finish all missions, including the Extra missions.
  • Mission Accomplished: Earn Master Rank on all missions.

Metroid Blast (Ground Combat)

  • 10-Hit Hunter: Achieve 10 hits in a single match.
  • 100 Token Drop: Drop 100 Tokens in a single match.
  • Max Token Victory: Win with 99 Tokens
  • Perfect Accuracy: Win with a 100% hit percentage.
  • Thanks for the Tanks: Collect all Token Tanks in a single match.

Metroid Blast (Surface to Air)

  • Free-Fall Finisher: Land the finishing blow to the Gunship while in free fall.
  • Gunship Accuracy 100%: Win as the Gunship with 100% hit percentage.
  • Gunship Bomber: Deal damage to the Gunship with a Charge Bomb.
  • Last-Second Blast: Land the finishing blow with 1 second on the clock.
  • Missile Strike: Land a direct blow on a Samus character with a Charge Missile.

Octopus Dance

  • 3 Inky Moves: Perform 3 successful beats after being inked.
  • Flawless Fifty: Achieve 50 continuous perfects.
  • Perfect Perfect: Successfully complete continuous perfects.
  • Perfect Streak x10: Perform 10 perfects in a row.
  • That’s a Wrap: Clear the Extra Stage.

Pikmin Adventure (Challenge Mode)

  • AI Mii Protector: Clear a Challenge stage without your AI controlled ally taking any damage.
  • Eyes of the Bulblord: Destroy the Bulblord’s Eyes during his boss fight.
  • First Mastery: Master your first Challenge stage.
  • Great Explorer: Clear all challenge stages.
  • Master Explorer: Earn Master Completion on all Challenge stages.

Pikmin Adventure (Verses Mode)

  • Candy from a Pikmin: Make Mii Pikmin drop at least 10 candies in 15 attacks.
  • Clobber Olimar: Land 10 blows on Olimar with a Mii Pikmin.
  • Incredible Comeback: Achieve a miraculous comeback from a 30 candy deficit.
  • Pacifist Victory: Win without attacking any opponents.
  • Rock Your Foes x5: Hit opponents with a Rock 5 times in a single match.

Takamaru’s Ninja Castle

  • 10-Hit Combo: Perform a 10-hit combo.
  • 10-Star Defense: Deflect 10 Throwing Stars.
  • First 100 Down: 100 up, 100 down.
  • Princess Rescue: Rescue Princess Monita.
  • Unstoppable: All enemies must be defeated in the Extra Stages and your Mii cannot take any damage.

The Legend of Zelda Battle Quest (Main Quest)

  • 1,000 Rupees: Collect 1,000 Rupees total.
  • 100 Rupees: Collect 100 Rupees total.
  • Legendary Hero: Master all quests.
  • Quest Master: Successfully complete all quests.
  • Triforce Collector: Finish all nine quests to claim the Triforces.

The Legend of Zelda Battle Quest (Time Attack)

  • Advanced: Finish Within 50 Seconds: Successfully complete the final Time Trial stage in under 50 seconds.
  • Beginner: Finish Within 50 Seconds: Successfully complete the first Time Trial stage in under 50 seconds.
  • Finish All Stages Within 45 Seconds: Successfully complete all Time Trial stages in under 45 seconds.
  • Intermediate: Finish Within 50 Seconds: Successfully complete the second Time Trial stage in under 50 seconds.
  • Speed Master: Earn Master Rank on all Time Attack stages.

Yoshi’s Fruit Cart

  • 3 Close Calls: Narrowly avoid three dangerous obstacles.
  • 5-Egg Exit: Reach a gate with five or more eggs in tow.
  • Gatekeeper: Clear all gates.
  • Gatemaster: Finish all 50 gates without using Assisted Play, Warp Gates, or Check Marks.
  • Triple Bee Buffet: Use a Chili Plate to eat 3 bees.

Star Player

Successfully complete the indicated task to become a star player in the indicated attraction. Monita will congratulate you, and give you a star once a task has been completed.

  • Animal Crossing Sweet Day: Play the attraction 30 times.
  • Balloon Trip Breeze: Successfully complete all days (standard).
  • Captain Falcon’s Twister Race: Successfully complete all areas (standard).
  • Donkey Kong’s Crash Course: Successfully complete all stages (standard).
  • The Legend of Zelda Battle Quest: Successfully complete all stages (standard).
  • Luigi’s Ghost Mansion: Play the attraction 30 times.
  • Mario Chase: Play the attraction 30 times.
  • Metroid Blast: Successfully complete all stages (standard).
  • Octopus Dance: Successfully complete all stages (standard).
  • Pikmin Adventure: Successfully complete all stages (standard).
  • Takamaru’s Ninja Castle: Successfully complete all scenes (standard).
  • Yoshi’s Fruit Cart: Successfully complete all gates (standard).

Alternate Single-Player Games

A 2nd player can use a Wii Remote to do the following in the each of the single-player games:

  • Balloon Trip Breeze: Aim at objects and press A to knock them out of place.
  • Donkey Kong’s Crash Course: Point at player one and hold A to create a slow-down bubble.
  • ?Captain Falcon’s Twister Race: Aim at obstacles and press A to destroy them.
  • Octopus Dance: Point and press A on different objects to play various sounds.
  • Takamaru’s Ninja Castle: Aim at enemies and press A to hold them.

Pachinko Unlockables

As you collect coins throughout the game, you can use them to play Pachinko (Japanese Pinball) in the center Hub. Some prizes are music tracks that are added to the jukebox, while others are individual prizes. Below is a full list of the 200 prizes. Note that they will appear at random – not in a specific order.

Nintendo Land
001} Jukebox
002} Purple Switch
003} Blue Switch
004} Green Switch
005} Green Switch
006} Yellow Switch
007} Red Switch (Get it from Monita)
008} White Switch 1
009} White Switch 2
010} Question Mark
011} Heart
012} Gold Trophy (always last prize to get)

Animal Crossing Sweet Day
013} Music Track 1
014} Music Track 2
015] Candy Switch
016} Candy Tree
017} Candy
018} House
019} Island Windmill
020} Totem Pole

Balloon Trip Breeze
021} Music Track 1
022} Music Track 2
023} Music Track 3
024} Music Track 4
025} Music Track 5
026} Bouy
027} Time Stopper
028} Rest House
029} Balloon Breaker
030} Balloon Bird
031} Balloon
032}Rest island
033} Balloon Fish

Captain Falcon’s Twister Race
034} Music Track 1
035} Music Track 2
036} Music Track 3
037} Music Track 4
038} Music Track 5
039} Blue Falcon
040} Air Duct
041} Speed Spike
042} Red Bomb
043} Neon Barricade
044} Falcon Light
045} Battery Machine

Donkey Kong’s Crash Course
046} Music Track 1
047} Music Track 2
048} Gear Crank (Left)
049} Gear Crank (Right)
050} Goal Flag

The Legend of Zelda Battle Quest
051} Music Track 1
052} Music Track 2
053} Music Track 3
054} Music Track 4
055} Music Track 5
056} Music Track 6
057} Music Track 7
058} Bird
059} Wizzrobe
060} Tektite
061} Moblin
062} Quick Moblin
063} Big Moblin
064} ChuChu
065} Stalfos
066} Kargorok
067} Keese
068} Skulltula
069} Skull
070} Boulder
071} Jar
072} Rupee
073} Eye Switch
074} Bomb Stack
075} Switch
076} Grassland Tree
077} Deku Tree
078} Goron
079} Ganon
080} Hero’s Bow
081} Master Sword
082} Triforce

Luigi’s Ghost Mansion
083} Music Track
084} Battery
084} Super Light
085} Flashlight
086} Robotic Arm
087} Suit of Armor
088} Ghost Statue

Mario Chase
089} Music Track 1
090} Music Track 2
092} Music Track 3
093} Bullet Bill
094} Toy Koopa Troopa
095} Piranha Plant
096} Balancing Bloopers
097} Yoshi Cart

Metroid Blast
098} Music Track 1
099} Music Track 2
100} Music Track 3
101} Music Track 4
102} Music Track 5
103} Music Track 6
104} Music Track 7
105} Music Track 8
106} Geemer
107} Cyclon
108} Zebesian
109} Metroid
110} Kraid
111} Chozo Statue
112} Target
113} Charge Bomb
114} Morph Ball
115} Rapid-Fire Helmet
116} Ice Charge Shot
117} Spike Bomb
118} Rocket
119} Gunship
120} Missile

Octopus Dance
121} Music Track 1
122} Music Track 2
123} Dancing Seaweed
124} Instructor
125} Dancing Submarine
126} Little Octopus
127} Large Octopus

Pikmin Adventure
128} Music Track 1
129} Music Track 2
130} Music Track 3
131} Music Track 4
132} Music Track 5
133} Music Track 6
134} Music Track 7
135} Abundant Mass
136} Angular Sapling
137} Bilious Bulborb
138} Blowhog
139} Bombardier Beeb
140} Bulblord
141} Bulborb
142} Bulborb Dropping
143} Bulbous Sporehaven
144} Craved Pikmin
145} Creepy Beeb
146} Draft Jumper
147} Emperor Pinchipede
148} Fronded Stump
149} Fungiform Family
150} Glacial Fungicap
151} Greater Bladed Beeb
152} Hammer Seed
153} Herbaceaous Kettle
154} Hyperborean Verdant Silo
155} Jumpswitch
156} King Beeb
156} Knuckle Seed
157} Large-Mouth Wallywog
158} Nectar
159} Rock
160} Sinuated Flora
161} Spike Ball
162} Spiral Timber
163} Striped Conifer
164} Telescoping Pumphog
165} The Ship
166} Vegetal Pouch
167} Verdant Silo
168} Verging Bloom
169} Whip Seed

Takamaru’s Ninja Castle
170} Music Track 1
171} Music Track 2
172} Music Track 3
173} Clay Bomb
174} Scroll
175} Taiko Drum
176} Candle
177} Old Pot
178} New Pot
179} Bamboo Shoot}
180} Murasame Mask
181} Katana
182} Throwing Star
183} Ninja

Yoshi’s Fruit Cart
184} Music Track 1
185} Music Track 2
186} Apple
187} Banana
188} Grapes
189} Melon
190} Orange
191} Peach
192} Pear
193} Watermelon
194} Egg
195} Present
196} Spike
197} Bee
198} Goal Gate
199} Number Flag
200} Strawberry

Other Tips, Tricks, & Cheats

Donkey Kong’s Crash Course Shortcut: In level 1, there are two areas where a quick movement of the GamePad will allow for a shortcut. The first is the second platform that instructs you to use the R button. Instead, roll quickly, and use the Wii Remote (see above notes) to slow your fall. The second place is near the end, in the final area, where you need to go down a series of platforms to reach the final goal. Instead, quickly fall over the side. If done correct, you will flip over and land on the finish line.

Ghost Magic in Luigi’s Ghost Mansion: While playing as the ghost, hold L + R or ZL + ZR to start charging magic. This will make you visible and immobile. Release the buttons when prompted, and the batteries of all flashlights will temporarily be drained.

Use a Wii Remote in the Plaza: While you cannot use a Wii Remote to control your Mii, you can select other Miis and items in the Plaza with a Wii Remote.

View Credits: If you become a star player in all twelve attractions, you can view the credits. Also, you can press L and R during the credits to run around and shoot stars.

Do you know something we don’t know?

If you find something we missed? Let us know in the comments, and we will check it out!

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