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Mario & Luigi: Dream Team – Screens

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team – Screens

by Steve CullumFebruary 14, 2013

As a part of the “Year of Luigi,” the next Mario & Luigi RPG game will be hitting the Nintendo 3DS this summer. As you wait for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, check out these newly released screenshots.



3DS_MarioLuigi3DS_022013_Scrn01 3DS_MarioLuigi3DS_022013_Scrn02 3DS_MarioLuigi3DS_022013_Scrn03 3DS_MarioLuigi3DS_022013_Scrn04 3DS_MarioLuigi3DS_022013_Scrn05 3DS_MarioLuigi3DS_022013_Scrn06 3DS_MarioLuigi3DS_022013_Scrn07 3DS_MarioLuigi3DS_022013_Scrn08

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