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REVIEW – Classic Games Overload Card & Puzzle Edition (3DS)

REVIEW – Classic Games Overload Card & Puzzle Edition (3DS)

by Greg DabkeyMarch 3, 2013

A review by Greg Dabkey

Game – Classic Games Overload Card & Puzzle Edition
Version – 3DS eShop download
ESRB Rating: ‘E’ – Everyone
Price: $29.99
Release Date: 11/30/2012
Obtained – Review copy courtesy of Telegames Inc.

Are you ready to be overloaded with more games than you know how to play?  Wish you could play those card games without your friends?  What about the option to play with your friends, and not having to dust off that old deck of playing cards?  Maybe you just want to play a game solitaire.  Whatever you card game you want to play is entirely up to you, along with your opponents.

Gameplay & Controls

The gameplay is pretty straight forward on this game, you are either selecting a card to play, or selecting an action on the touch screen, or twisting and turning puzzle pieces.  All of the card games you select the card or action.  For example in Texas Hold’em, you would select check, fold, bet, raise, etc without selecting any cards.  In Hearts or Spades you would select the card to play next.  In Mahjong or Tangram or Picture Puzzle modes you will be touching tiles, or moving/rotating pieces to complete these puzzles.  Everything is handled on the touch screen with no need for button controls.

The games that require additional players can be customized by the player.  They can select AI opponents that are easy, normal or difficult.  This allows the player to learn some strategies, and also be challenged to not easily win each time.  Some games also offer rules to be set up.  This ability adds some customization for popular rules that people would use if they were using an actual set of cards.  One feature that would be nice would be the ability to auto-complete a round or hand with games like Hearts or Spades, since there are times where the player has all of the highest cards left and takes the tricks automatically.  After each card is played, there is a ten or so second delay while it displays all the played cards, and at this point you know that remaining tricks are yours.  An option to customize this would be an excellent feature to help speed up some of the rounds.

Game Modes

There are over 1,000 games and puzzles to play or complete within this game.  There are about twenty unique card games, 202 versions of solitaire, 404 Mahjong puzzles, 505 Tangram puzzles, and 101 picture puzzles.  There is definitely no shortage of games to play as this game is stacked with options.  You can also play all of these games solo and/or with AI, or you can play some of these games via local multiplayer.  This game also supports the single card play so other 3DS owners can play with the player that owns the game.   This game also offers statistics to see your win/loss percentages While local multiplayer is a nice plus if you have friends with the game, but if there was a online multiplayer where it would be easier to find other players would a lot more fun.

Graphics/Visuals/3D Effects

The graphics and 3D effects are pretty solid with this game.  The characters do not have the best animations unfortunately, and oftentimes can slow the game down.  For instance, the game shows players holding their cards as if they only have 1 card in their hand. Furthermore, when playing a card, their other hand will approach like they are selecting a card, but then the card simply appears slightly higher than their hand (not looking like the card was taken from the hand) and then set down.  The animation has no speed settings, but can be turned off if needed.  The motion for playing a card looks the most solid and did not find anything wrong with that.  The 3D graphics are pretty standard and add a nice sense of depth to the game, as the graphics make it look like you are closer to the the players to the right and left, and farther from the the player that is across from you.  The player can also customize the felt of the table along with the background.  While the backgrounds are a little plain, the 3D effects really assist making it look like you are at the selected location.

Music/Sound Effects

This is probably the weakest part of this game.  The game has fourteen tracks on the playlist to choose from, all of which are just simple tunes.  They all fit under the easy-listening type of music with no real variety for other types of music like rock, jazz, classical, rap and other genres.  The sound effects are not any better, as there is no shuffling or dealing sound in between rounds.  When a card is played it just has a simple click sound.  While these elements are not critically important for game of this nature, it would be nice to have some additional options and effects to make it feel like a real card game.

Final Score: 8 out of 10

Having played the DS version of the game, I have to say this is the best version yet.  There is plenty to offer and keep the player busy with a large variety of games to play.  While the music and graphics are not stronger parts of the games, they are also not vital pieces of the game and the game can be thoroughly enjoyed without the prettiest graphics and music.  If you are looking for a great collection of card and puzzle games, then this is the game for you.  Telegames shuffled up and dealt a quality card game that should not be overlooked.




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