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Flipnote Studio 3D Coming This Summer

Flipnote Studio 3D Coming This Summer

by Steve CullumMarch 12, 2013

UPDATE: It has now been confirmed for North America this summer, as well!

Nintendo just posted a mini “Nintendo Direct” video for the official announcement of Flipnote Studio 3D in Japan. For those who do not speak Japanese, in order to understand the video, here are some details in English:

  • It will launch this summer for free.
  • You can export Flipnotes as animated GIF’s, a series of GIF images, or AVI movies.
  • You can draw in 3 layers with 6 colors.
  • There will be some sample 3D movies provided.
  • A gallery will be available to view, comment, evaluate, and download others’ Flipnotes.
  • The gallery will cost a small monthly service fee to pay for servers, but if your drawings are popular enough, you may receive discounts.
  • The Flipnote Studio (DSi) community, Flipnote Hatena, will end services on May 31, 2013.

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