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REVIEW – Kersploosh! (3DS)

REVIEW – Kersploosh! (3DS)

by Greg DabkeyMarch 17, 2013

A Game Review by Greg Dabkey

Game – Kersploosh!
Version – 3DS eShop download
ESRB Rating: ‘E’ – Everyone
Price: $2.99
Release Date: 3/7/2013
Obtained – Review copy courtesy of Nintendo

Here you are at an ordinary well.  You are wondering what exactly it is like if you were to throw an object such as a stone down into the well.  Well what are you waiting for?!  You hurl down this stone, will it make a kersploosh into the water, or go kasplat inside the well?


Yes, there is a story to this game.  Well, it’s not much of one though.  Two people briefly talk back and forth and then the object is thrown or dropped into the well.  Some of the stories are interesting, such as the one behind the gemstone.  In this case it is dropped by accident and the one character fears that they will get in trouble.  Each of the ten objects has it’s own story.

Gameplay & Controls

This game is a basically a ‘runner’ type of game as you control an object that remains in motion throughout the duration of the well.  You must steer the object around wood planks, stone donuts, pizza and also avoid the side walls.  Each object has a speed and boost rating along with an HP meter.  The speed is just the normal rating going down the well without hitting donut boosts or being slowed down by hitting objects.  The boost rating is based on the donut holes you can guide the object into for a burst of speed, with the higher the rating, the more speed your object will get temporarily.  The HP meter is a life bar before the object shatters or breaks, if it reaches zero, you must restart the well.  Also inside the well there are balloons that will restore some or all of your health.

The controls are super simple, use the circle pad to maneuver the object within the well.  The menus use touch screen buttons, but you can also use the circle pad to select and the A button to confirm the selection.  After each course you are presented with a time and will show the local ratings.  You can also access the high scores from the main menu.  Sadly there is no online leaderboards, but there is a streetpass feature to share a high score with your friends or random strangers.  The score lists a picture of the object along with your time so you can strive to beat your time by experimenting with other objects.  Some of the objects you can control are: ordinary stone, super ball, gemstone, iron ball, watermelon or even a plate.

Visuals/3D Effects & Sound

The visuals are not super impressive, but that does not subtract from the fun gameplay.  The objects to dodge are pretty straight forward and nothing pretty to look at.  The animations for the shattering of the object were quite enjoyable  so at least when you died it looked nice.  The 3D effects are pretty solid, but with the wind behind the object shooting out of the screen, it oftentimes made it hard to steer around the well since you were easily distracted by the wind effects.  The music was also nothing disappointing or interesting, although I guess you can’t ask for much when the object of the game is guiding an object down a pizza and donut filled well.

Final Score: 8 out of 10

This game is surprisingly fun and has addictive gameplay.  While the object is somewhat unusual, it actually stands out pretty strong and I found this game to be pretty enjoyable.  You will want to replay the well until you hear the kersploosh sound of the object hitting the water at the bottom of the well.  While the game isn’t terribly long, but it does offer a challenge to complete the harder levels with objects that do not have a high maximum HP.  I consider this to be a great value for the asking price and would recommend it to those people that like quirky titles like this one or people that are fans of runner type of games.

+ Object variation provides tough challenges and adds replay value
+ Addictive gameplay
+ Interesting stories for each object

– Limited choices, only 10 objects and only 10 wells
– No online leaderboards or at least online friend rankings
– 3D effects felt hindering to my performance while playing





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