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Colors 3D Getting a Big Update on April 5

Colors 3D Getting a Big Update on April 5

by Steve CullumMarch 28, 2013


Jens Anderson, developer of Colors! 3D for Nintendo 3DS just sent over an email with information about an upcoming update to this already robust art application from the 3DS eShop. On April 5, the update will go live, and it is quite the update! Below is a long list of everything included.

If you have already downloaded Colors! 3D, be sure to fire it up on April 5 to get this update. In fact, Jens is giving away a Wii U to the winner of their current contest (ending April 25, 2013). If you have not checked it out yet, perhaps our review will help you know what we think of it. You can check out some of the amazing paintings over at Also, just maybe… we might be giving away a copy of it in the near future. Until then,

Colors! 3D 1.1 change list
– View painting time taken and tools used of your painting
– Fixed an issue where sometimes a layer would not save correctly
– Improved the behavior of app when you’ve have hit the 6 hour playback limit (including a limited Undo and Export)
– Brush cursor is now displayed on the top screen during playback
– Fixed a bug where sometimes a white line appeared on the right side of exported paintings
– Fixed a bug where sometimes imported photos would get corrupt
– Fixed a Paint With Friends reconnection bug
– Made it clearer that you can rearrange layers on the 3D tab

New input setup screen
– Support for custom button setup
– Added support for toggling eraser on a button
– Added support for increase/decrease brush-size on a button – Ability to disable full screen stylus scaling

– Full gallery redesign
– Support for searching in the gallery
– Added gallery list: New Scribbles
– Added gallery list: Trending Painting
– Basic News system
– Support for official contests
– Basic Message/Notification system (will be activated at a later date)
– Support to filter some list based on if the used a reference photo or not – Support to sort some lists based on likes/date
– Most painting lists are now 500 items long instead of 100

Gallery following system
– The ability to follow/unfollow other artists
– See list of paintings uploaded by the artists you follow

Gallery #tags
– Support for writing #tags in painting description, artist description and comments – Searching support for #tags
– Featured #tags page

Gallery Account Settings/Login/Sign-up
– You can now have a short description in their gallery
– You can now have a profile picture
– Support for changing your password
– Support for changing your username
– Ability to delete your account
– Support for resetting your password
– New accounts now need to be activated to confirm e-mail address – New log-out button

Other Gallery changes
– Fixed the time format to properly report in 12 hour format, local time
– Painting stats like the time spent and tools used for each painting are now visible in the comments screen
– Being able to view other artists Liked paintings/Followers/Following
– Being able to report paintings and comments to the gallery moderators directly from the app
– Ability to self-moderate your paintings or upload them as “private”
– Ability to unlike a painting
– Support rendering Japanese text
– Easy access to see the value of each star by tapping on them


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