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AeternoBlade Press Release

AeternoBlade Press Release

by Jeremy HardinApril 2, 2013
Thanks to everyone for keeping watch and waiting for the launch of our new hardcore game, AeternoBlade coming Q3 2013 to the Nintendo 3DS!
We have always been looking forwards to making this happen.  Thus, we have decided to invest on our AeternoBlade since we have strong belief in this master piece to become the frontline of game industry.  As previously mentioned in my twitter @Toptanian, we are reaching the final process of AeternoBlade and expecting to release it in Q3 on Nintendo3DS.  However, we still need some money to help us complete the game then AeternoBlade will go live on Indiegogo soon.  I am happy to reveal further information regarding our upcoming games here.  Let’s rewind your time with “AeternoBlade” era!

Intro Story

A long time ago at Awelsia region, “Beladim” the Lord of the dark mist used his army to destroy Ridgeroad village in order to conquer the world.  “Ferya”, a Mage warrior was only one who survived the massacre.  She woke up in a field near Ridgeroad.  She now has only one reason to live and that is to get revenge on Beladim. Our journey begins here.

Character Introduction




Freya is mage warrior who sacrifices her life to protect Ridgeroad Village. She is kind of serious and a responsible person with kindness heart.  Her sword ability is extremely talented.  However, after Ridgeroad village was destroyed she has fallen in to resentfulness.

Age : 18


The evil master who has lived since the ancient era.  No one knows where he came from, but there are rumors that he is the evil who destroyed ancient human civilization.  No one can kill him because he can reverse time to cure his injuries.  Humans believe he is immortal.


Age : unknown.


A brave and warm merchant who always travels around the world.  He always believe in merit and hope.  His family was killed and he now lives alone with his lovely sister, Carol, at Ridgeroad village.  He sacrifices all his life to protect his sister.


Age : 24

Game system Introduction

The main ability of Freya is time reversal. She can use her time reversal ability in 3 different ways, turning time when she makes a mistake , reverse all enemies, and remark position to reverse herself back in. Freya must use those abilities to kill monsters and solve puzzles.

Next, we are going to reveal more 2 important characters, our 7 worlds and relics system soon.

AeternoBlade will be released in this Q3 2013 in Nintendo e-shop / Cartridge for European market and we are still looking for partner to help us publish game on cartridge on USA side.

Corecell Technology Co.,Ltd. is the leading game development company base in Bangkok Thailand which previously work on many platforms since Java Mobile , NintendoDS, Nintendo Wii,Playstation 3 etc. Our previous titles such as Wicked Monsters Blast! [Wii,PS3], Crazy Strike Bowling [PS3] and we also be the team behind many console games for Third party publisher.

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