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Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon – Tips, Tricks, & Cheats

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon – Tips, Tricks, & Cheats

by Steve CullumApril 2, 2013

If you are looking for all the tips, tricks, and cheats in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, you have come to the right place. We have compiled all of them below.

SPOILER WARNING: If it was not completely obvious, some of these will contain spoilers, so tread lightly.


Easter Eggs

  • Mario Strikers Charged Music: Enter the elevator in the last level of the first mansion. You will hear Mario Striker Charged music playing in the background.
  • Dancing Luigi: If you spin the circle pad in a tight circle several times in a row, making sure that Luigi completes 360-degree turns on each rotation, Luigi will eventually stop spinning with a quick pirouette move, like a ballet dancer.
  • Showering Plumber: After you turn on the water in the Haunted Towers area, look for a pipe that spouts water by the entrance. Place Luigi directly under the running water, and he will take off his hat and begin acting as if he is taking a shower.
  • Boo Binary: Go to the Warehouse in the first level of the Old Clockworks, and unravel the red thread roll at the far right. A Boo enemy pops out, whose name is ComBooter, and he says “01100010 01101111 01101111,” which spells out “Boo” in binary code.


  • Scarescraper Mode: Beat the mission “Visual Tricks” in Gloomy Manor.
  • Surprise Mode: Beat the single-player campaign and beat each Scarescraper mode at least once, then select the Scarescraper option from E. Gadd’s bunker to unlock this mode.
  • Vault Statues: Collect all of a mansion’s gems to unlock a statue, which can be seen in the vault’s gem collections.
    • Luigi Statue: Collect all the gems in Gloomy Manor
  • Endless Floors in the Scarescraper: This option creates a Scarescraper with infinite floors as well as its own difficulty, also named “Endless.”
    • Hunter Endless: Beat a Hunter mode in a 25F Scarescraper, then “Create a Scarescraper.”
    • Rush Endless: Beat a Rush mode in a 25F Scarescraper, then “Create a Scarescraper.”
    • Polterpup Endless: Beat a Polterpup mode in a 25F Scarescraper, then “Create a Scarescraper.”
    • Surprise Endless: Beat a Surprise mode in a 25F Scarescraper, then “Create a Scarescraper.”
  • Bonus Missions: Capture Boos to unlock bonus missions as early as Gloomy Manor’s “Visual Tricks” mission.
    • Gradual Infiltration: Capture all 3 Boos in “Gloomy Manor”
    • Hostile Intrusion: Capture all 3 Boos in “Haunted Towers”
    • Outlandish Interruption: Capture all 3 Boos in “Old Clockworks”
    • Severe Infestation: Capture all 5 Boos in “Secret Mine”
    • Terrifying Invasion: Capture all 3 Boos in “Treacherous Mansion”

E. Gadd Medals

  • #1: Defeat King Boo and complete the story. Then, watch the ending and credits.
  • #2: Obtain 3-Star ranks on every mission.
  • #3: Capture all the ghosts and bosses in the ScareScraper/Thrill Tower

Poltergust Upgrades

  • Power Gauge Level 2: Collect 2,000 Gold
  • Dark Light Level 2: Collect 4,000 Gold
  • Power Gauge Level 3: Collect 7,000 Gold
  • Dark Light Level 3: Collect 10,000 Gold
  • Super Poltergust: Collect 20,000 Gold


Did we miss something? Post it in the comments below, and if we can verify it, we will add it in.

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