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[Off Topic] Hungry Lizards – Universal iOS Game – Best 2 Player iOS Games

[Off Topic] Hungry Lizards – Universal iOS Game – Best 2 Player iOS Games

by Bradley DeLorenzoMay 23, 2013

NintendoFuse just passed our 11,000th article/post since we launched in 2006! Over the last 7 years I’ve only posted a handful of “off topic” posts, so I apoligize this isn’t directly Nintendo related, but it is gaming related (with Nintendo references).

In short, I spent most of my spare time over the last 2 years to create a video game. It’s called Hungry Lizards and it’s a universal iOS game:

Hungry Lizards

No Timer, 3 Rounds, Race Against The Night.

Meet the hungriest of lizards, Spike & Lizia. After the great bug famine of 2013 these two have been traveling the globe (and beyond) in search of any little bug they can get their grubby tongues on. It won’t be easy, this famine is far reaching and the local lizards are defending their turf.

How Many Can You Catch Before The Sun Goes Down?


• 3 Playable Modes: Versus the AI, Against The Clock, Consecutive (Until You Miss)
• 3 Ways to Play: Multiplayer VS, Multiplayer Real-Time Co-Op, & Single Player Campaign
• 10 Levels, 10 Bosses, & Unlockable Bonus Rounds
• Original Soundtrack, Original Artwork, & Custom Game Engine
• Connect Through Bluetooth, Game Center, or Invite Friends Through Facebook
• 35 Achievements & 15 Leaderboards on Game Center
• Earn Stars on Each Level & In-Game Statistics Stored Locally
• Universal App – Optimized for iPhone 5 and iPad Retina (HD)
• No in-app purchases, ever!
• New levels, Characters, and New Features are Free Updates, no DLC!
• Post Your Scores In-Game and Invite Your Friends from Facebook & Twitter
• Blast Processing!




Some personally notes about the game:

The game was launch last week and already has over 500 downloads! I’m going to start a modest marketing campaign in June and start submitting it to review sites, but so far with little to no promotion people have been super positive about the game and my efforts to make sure the game was universal, 2 Player (VS & Co-OP), iPad Retina graphics, iPhone 5 graphics, under 50MB (so you can download without WiFi), and NOT including any in-app-purchases, ever.

I made up an arbitrary number a few months back to motivate me, I told myself if I can get 10,000 downloads (meaning my users like it!) I’ll start working on an Android version. If I get 10,000 Android downloads my plan is to try for a PC, OS X, XBLA, Wii U, and an HTML 5 version.

I’m going to try my hardest to promote my game, but I’m going to try even harder to keep updating my game with big updates, so if I only ever get the 500 I have now, those people are my fans and I owe it to them to keep their purchase worth it.

I thought this was neat (sketch book to finished product):

Here’s my little brother playing live one of the 15 songs he wrote and composed for my game:

And finally here is a self shot of my beard that I started to grow in October to remind me to keep working on the game. I’m shaving once 1.1 is approved:


Post your review or suggestions below.


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