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First Impressions: PAC-MAN & The Ghostly Adventure (E3 2013)

First Impressions: PAC-MAN & The Ghostly Adventure (E3 2013)

by Steve CullumJune 12, 2013


The theme is “PAC is Back!” Essentially, Bandai Namco is bringing PAC-MAN to a modern age for the younger generation. A cartoon TV show will begin shortly, and a new toy line will be in stores. Therefore, it seemed natural that the next progression for those kids would be a video game. PAC-MAN & The Ghostly Adventure will launch on 3DS and Wii U this fall. The 3DS version will be a side-scroller and a bit easier, while the Wii U version is in a full 3D world. PAC-MAN has the ability to don suits (like a frog suit), and apparently, it is also capable to play up to four players, but we did not see that in the demo.

The only version I was able to play was the XBox 360 version, but I was told it plays exactly like the Wii U game. The basic map idea of the original game has been transformed into a full 3D world based on the TV show. You will go around and collect pellets. However, it did not seem possible to move faster than what would be a quick walking pace. I tried holding all buttons when moving, but could not ever get him to run. This made for a slower game. Other than that, it seemed like a game that would entertain children who like the TV show, but older teens or adults will probably not enjoy it.

However, they did let us know about a PAC-MAN Museum game coming out this winter season that will contain the original PAC-MAN, Championship Edition, and Battle Royal. This looks like a great deal, and it will be out for both 3DS and Wii U, as well. For fans of PAC-MAN, this will be the game to get!

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