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First Impressions: Sonic Lost World (E3 2013)

First Impressions: Sonic Lost World (E3 2013)

by Steve CullumJune 12, 2013

Sonic Lost Worlds is an upcoming Nintendo-exclusive from SEGA for both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. I had a chance to play both versions this year at E3 at the SEGA booth. Here are some first-impressions based on the couple levels I could play.


Going into the game, I had the idea that this would be like a 3D Sonic game based in a Mario Galaxy world. Essentially, that is what it is. However, Mario Galaxy is still head and shoulders above this game. Here is the problem. Sonic games are based on speed. This works great in a side-scrolling level that is very large. However, on small planet-type levels, this is an issue. You will just get to run, and then you must stop again. Honestly, I found that it is better to avoid holding the run button altogether. Instead, I had more fun just using the normal speed of the blue hedgehog with the GamePad analog stick. He was much easier to control that way, and I was able to explore the levels more. When running at high speed, I was bouncing everywhere, and the camera would jump back and forth. After realizing this on the Wii U, that is how I chose to play on the 3DS, and it was much better.

The Wii U version also had a bit of an issue with locking on the enemies and targets for a homing attack. The representative mentioned this might just be a glitch, so I will hold out for the final version to determine my thoughts on that aspect. Overall, I enjoyed the 3DS version much better, even though they were basically the exact same game. However, I did not enjoy it that much. The camera and speed controls made for an unpleasant experience that I was just waiting to finish instead of begging for more. It is still an early build, but I am not that excited about Sonic Lost World.

Sonic Lost World will launch on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U this Holiday 2013.

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