First Impressions: Turbo (E3 2013)


Looking for a movie tie-in game about a snail who wants to become a racer? Look no further than Turbo. There are actually two different games in development for this movie. The Wii U version is mostly based on stunts (same as PS3 and X360), while the Wii and 3DS versions are centered around racing. Even said, the 3DS will be single-player, and the Wii will support four players. All support customizable shells, and each snail has their own move-sets and abilities. They even got Snoop Dogg and Ben Shwartz to voice their characters in the game.

We were able to see the stunt game, but actually had some hands-on with the 3DS racing. You can choose from 16 levels, which also have mirrored counterparts. The focus of this game is obviously children and fans of the movie. Therefore, there is some obvious rubber-banding that the representative even mentioned was purposely there in order to help even the worse racers from feeling behind. In contrast, this also makes it a bit more difficult for more advanced players, because on wrong move could mean you lose first place. It was quite fun, but the single-player only is a bit of a setback on the 3DS version. If you want to race snails with your friends, steer toward the Wii version.

As for the Wii U version, as previously stated, it will focus on stunts. Think of this as a skateboarding game, where you have free reign of the level, and you will merely use your creativity to get from one point to the next. Unfortunately, we did not get to play the game, but we saw it played.

Turbo: Super Stunt Squad will release on July 16, 2013, for Nintendo DS, 3DS, Wii, and Wii U from D3 Publisher.

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