First Impressions: New Super Luigi U (E3 2013)


On June 20, we will get a massive downloadable update to New Super Mario Bros. U in the form of New Super Luigi U. This will contain 80 brand new levels, all based on the originals. This time, though, they will be a bit harder and give you less time. Also, as you may have guessed, Luigi is now the main protagonist. What happened to his brother, Mario? We do not know.

Overall, this game is essentially the same as NSMBU, but with a slippery character that jumps higher. I mean, that is exactly what Luigi is — an unstable, higher-jumping, faster, version of Mario. The controls stay exactly the same, but this time around, the Pro Controller will also work. Other than that, expect shorter levels with smaller platforms, and a bit more enemies. If you want additional challenges after you beat NSMBU, look for NSLU.

For those who do not want to download the additional content on June 20, you can get a disc version of the game on August 25, 2013.

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  • Kevin McGuire

    Good to know that Pro Controller I bought will finally get some use. What would be extra nice is if this download would include an update to the original game to allow for Pro Controller use in that as well.

    • Steve

      We are hearing rumors that might happen… with or without the DLC.