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First Impressions: Cloudberry Kingdom (E3 2013)

First Impressions: Cloudberry Kingdom (E3 2013)

by Greg DabkeyJune 14, 2013


Don’t let the graphics or the name fool you, this game is a retro styled platformer that even includes a random level generator.  You can play through the game by yourself or with up to 3 friends.  The object is to not get defeated while going through some platforming sequences.  While I only got to try the arcade mode, I imagine that the main part of the game is sort of similar.  In the arcade mode, you play randomly generated levels and against your three friends.  The object is to open the door at the end of the short level.  You can play through infinite amount of rooms and they are based on the difficulty and quickness of the last room.  The next room may be harder or easier based on how many players died or how fast the lead player opened the door.

The player can also create a random level with a variety of settings for traps and methods of getting killed.  Want to know how the impossible levels are done?  No problem, you can set a computer character that WILL complete the level (indicating that every level is beatable).  Each player has one life and if all four players die then one of the team lives is lost.  Team lives can be increased by the players collecting 25 gems placed throughout each room.  In addition to each room, each character has a special ability.  Some can hover, double jump, space jump, etc but in arcade mode if the room requires an ability, all players can use it.  The controls are simple, 2 will jump, 1 will open the door (on the standard Wii Remote).  Overall, it’s a pretty fun game, and will be extremely fun to play it with some friends.

Additional thoughts from Steve: I got to play this later, after Greg, and wow! So great! And no loading times, either!! One level is generating while the current one is playing. Definitely excited for this one!

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