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First Impressions: Ducktales (E3 2013)

First Impressions: Ducktales (E3 2013)

by Greg DabkeyJune 14, 2013



This game will be out in the summer of 2013 for PS3, 360 and Wii U.  As a huge fan of the original game, I am still completely excited for the game.  While you cannot speed up the additional text for the “story” elements, you do have the option to skip the cut scene altogether.   You also still have the choice of easy, medium or difficult for the difficulty setting at the beginning.  The gameplay is the same as the original, you are Scrooge McDuck and you are after the hidden treasures.  You can use your cane to ‘pogo’ jump around the levels, and the original levels are all there.  The controls are simple enough and the levels are mostly the same.  I say “mostly” since some of the sections of the levels are expanded a little bit to include more enemies and hidden gems.  The boss battles have expanded where they have some new attacks and also take more hits to defeat.  Overall, I found this an awesome remastered version of the NES classic, and cannot wait to pick it up!

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