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REVIEW – Puzzler World 2013

REVIEW – Puzzler World 2013

by Jeremy HardinJune 14, 2013

Game review by Jeremy Hardin


Game – Puzzler World 2013
Version – 3DS eShop – $19.99
Rating – E for Everyone
Obtained – Review Code courtesy of Maximum Games

Puzzler World 2013 is a collection of brain teasers, mind benders, noodle scratchers, and all out stumpers.  So with over 1200+ puzzles to pour through, does Puzzler World 2013 satisfy your curiosity, or does it just leave you curious as to why you should even play it?

Gameplay and Controls

Puzzler World 2013 is a collection of puzzle games, so it’s really quite simple to begin.  The difficulty lies in some of the 27 different types of puzzles you’ll find yourself attempting to complete.  Before I get into any of the particulars about the individual puzzles, let me briefly go over the presentation and controls.

From the intro screen, you’ll touch the screen to start.  You can create up to 3 profiles and you’ll use your stylus to write or draw your profile name.  From the main menu you’ll have a few options available.  In center is a rotating globe with a star on it.  This is Challenge Mode and the bulk of where you’ll spend your time.  You also have the option to view any trophies you’ve earned, of which, there are 100! You can also return to any one puzzle that you’d saved progress on (more on that in a moment), as well as playing the slot machine.

Okay, so as you’re playing through the puzzles, you have the ability to save your progress, on one puzzle at a time.  Then, you can access said puzzle at any time from the main menu.  This is a great way to take a much needed mental break from those tough puzzles you’re sure to encounter.  For each puzzle you successfully solve, you earn hint coins.  These coins have a dual purpose.  You can either use these coins to buy a hint when you’re stuck on a puzzle, or you can use the coins on the Slot Machine.  The Slot Machine will either be the place you lose all your coins, or win a load of them.  There are several winning combinations you can achieve to obtain more coins.

Now, let’s get into the meat of the game, the puzzles! There are a total of 27 different varieties of puzzles in Puzzler World 2013, spread out across the first 560 puzzles.  Yes, seriously, 560 puzzles.  That doesn’t even include Master Mode, which is unlocked later.

Here are some of the various puzzles/modes to play:

  • Silhouette – discover a hidden picture by filling in shapes that contain a dot.  A fun, but brief distraction.
  • Wordsearch – traditional wordsearch puzzle
  • Crossword – traditional crossword puzzle
  • Pathfinder – One of my favorite types.  Like Wordsearch, you have a list of clues, but every single letter on the board is used.  The cool part is that the first letter of each consecutive word, must be directly next to the last letter of the previous word.  It creates a path through the board, unveiling each clue.
  • Sudoku, Splitwords, Codeword, Number Jig and many, many more!

You control each puzzle/game using your stylus, and in some instances you’ll use the circle pad or d-pad to scroll through text on the top screen.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are alright, very bubbly and bright, but nothing unique or special about them.  The size of the text was good enough for me, although in some cases, the text does get a bit smaller.  In general though, everything looked good and was easy to read.  The music on the other hand, is repetitive and totally forgettable.  That’s alright though, you can turn it down if you want.  Personally, I’d suggest doing so as it doesn’t add to the experience.

Final Score: 7 out of 10

There is nothing incredible or amazing going on with Puzzler World 2013, but there is variety and quantity! Plus, you have 100 trophies to win, a total of 560 puzzles, plus a Master Mode to unlock.  Really, the only question to ask yourself, is do I enjoy puzzle games.  If so, then I think Puzzler World 2013 would be a good addition to your 3DS game library.

+Extensive content (several game types, 27 with the actual number of puzzles being 1200+)
+Handwriting recognition
+Slot Machine

-High degree of difficulty on same games

I can’t fault the game for being repetitive, they have several game types and then a large quantity of these game types in varying degrees of difficulty.  Normally, I’d penalize a game for this, but it’s a puzzle game so you have to expect it to be structured in this way.

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