First Impressions: Bayonetta 2 (E3 2013)

Here is a game that I didn’t expect to be playable, nor had any knowledge of the previous game, or had any idea what to expect for this game.  I’m very happy that I got to have an answer for that last question, what to expect how the game will play and what the gameplay is like.

This game is essentially a brawler type of game from what I played.  You use the GamePad and use the main buttons to perform attacks on foes.  There seems to always be an onslaught of enemies to fight and you don’t really do any exploring.  Once the enemies are defeated you move on to the next area which you fight additional enemies.  After you perform a numerous attacks, your power meter increases where you can summon the fury.  The fury is a powerful attack that you follow the on-screen button prompts.  You use L to activate it and use like X & A at the same time to perform a powerful fury attack which will defeat the enemies quite easily.  After you defeat some screens of enemies, you advance onto a gigantic boss which you have to defeat in sections.  Some parts will have you attacking their knees or elbows then advance towards their gut or back.  Then finally the head for example.

This game also has at least five (so far) confirmed difficulty settings.  The person showing us the game indicated very easy, easy and medium, but that would lead you to assume there will be hard and very hard settings as well.  This controls how tough the enemies are and I would assume the quantity that you would fight as well.  I was able to take down the first boss, but I had continued where Steve left off.  Overall, I felt this was a very fun and intense game.  I’m interested to see more of this game and may actually pick it up upon release since it seemed like a fun game to play.

About the author:

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