AiRace Speed Coming to Nintendo 3DS this Summer – Check out the Screenshots

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AiRace Speed Info:

AiRace Speed is developed and published by QubicGames and will be released on Nintendo 3DS and Apple iOS. The game will be available during the summer 2013 on the Nintendo eShop.

AiRace Speed is the third game of the successful AiRace Series, which sold over 150,000 copies on Nintendo DSi with the two hits AiRace and AiRace: Tunnel.

With this third sequel, QubicGames is happy to bring the exciting experience to Nintendo 3DS.

To define AiRace Speed, one can say that it’s not exactly a race: it’s a challenge!

The game tests the player’s flying skills in the most deadly Stages and with the most powerful aircraft. The tracks are very complex and contain rewarding shortcuts, huge halls, twisted obstacles, strong curves, narrow corridors and many more elements that the player discovers in unique and stunning atmospheres. The vessels to pilot are futuristic and super-fast.

The gameplay of AiRace Speed aims to reach a great combination of smooth controls, high speed and tricky levels. QubicGames is very confident that it will be one of the best and fastest “racing” games of Nintendo 3DS. Heavy dose of adrenaline guaranteed!??The game will also feature online leaderboards. The players will be able to rank their best scores and compete with others for the podium. This adds a great replay value to the game. There are many ways to perform a faster course thanks to a clever level design.

AiRace Speed offers an arena to spend countless hours at improving skills and levels routes. A true challenge to take up!

AiRace Speed in points:

  • Third game of the successful AiRace Series
  • Downloadable title for Nintendo 3DS
  • High speed and pure adrenaline
  • 18 challenging and spectacular tracks
  • High-tech and high-speed vessels
  • Twisted obstacles and traps
  • Stunning graphics and 3D effect
  • Great replay value with online ranking leaderboards

Official website (in English, French and Japanese):

Facebook page:

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